Bmws Advertising Messages Of Outstanding Quality Marketing Essay

Since the competition started to copy BMW ‘s advertisement messages of outstanding quality, BMW decided to come up with a alone manner of making its mark audience. The company did so by engaging Fallon Worldwide, and advertizement bureau based in Minneapolis, MN, to come up with a new run. Fallon developed the construct “ The Hire ” series. Fallon ‘s duty besides included the manner in which these films were to be delivered to BMW ‘s mark audience. It was besides questionable whether the run should be the same throughout the universe, or if it should be localized to accommodate to linguistic communication and consumer gustatory sensation differences. In order to pull extremely recognized managers, every bit good as histrions, BMW was willing to pass a big sum of money.

In add-on to coming up with a alone advertisement run, BMW besides wanted to alter their image. One of the ends was to do BMW look, non merely cool, but sympathetic, which the trade name needs to make to battle negative perceptual experiences some people have based on old associations with the 80 ‘s manner yuppie haughtiness.

Company Profile

BMW ( Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft ) was founded in 1916 and has been publically traded since 1969. The company produces, and markets, a varied scope of higher terminal sporty autos and bikes. BMW has besides manufactured the first rider auto running on H ready for common usage, although the production figures are limited by the deficiency of a several filling station cyberspace. In add-on to autos and bikes, BMW operates an aircraft engine division under the trade name name of Rolls Royce.

The company has world-wide subordinates and fabrication workss in Germany, Austria, the UK, the USA, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Egypt, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. The company besides operates its ain funding company, which offers funding for vehicles. Cars accounted for 78 % of 2000 grosss ; vehicle finance leasing, 18 % ; bikes, 3 % and other, 1 % .

BMW ‘s Gross Beginnings

Marketing Overview

The bulk of BMW ‘s success is attributed to the development of a consistent selling policy, the ‘market niche ‘ scheme. The company has built its trade name on four nucleus values, which are:





BMW has maintained these nucleus values since the company ‘s origin. Coupled with WCRS ( BMW ‘s advertisement bureau since 1979 ) , the company has adopted a consistent advertisement scheme. In add-on to the message of these values being portrayed in advertisement runs, the company explicitly expresses one or more of these values in all BMW advertizements. However, it is of import to indicate out that BMW besides relies on its sensitively to the environment, which is clearly seen by how the company ‘s advertizements evolved in response to economic, environmental and competitory alterations.

This design doctrine, which runs through every BMW, has been communicated through a figure of Television and print ads. The trade name image has been built up by utilizing over 300 colour imperativeness advertizements, and more late through a sum of 64 different telecasting commercials. Throughout this run, BMW has remained consistent to its beliefs of concentrating on the substance of the autos themselves.

In add-on to the high profile national colour imperativeness and telecasting advertisement, single traders are encouraged to run their ain local runs. Local imperativeness, wireless and coach advertizements are all available from BMW trader selling. Additionally, booklets, monetary value lists and franchise point-of-sale stuffs are made accessible through the corporate office. BMW encourages its traders to do usage of these services. Supplying the traders with a cardinal beginning for advertisement, BMW ensures that all communications remain standardised every bit good as keeping BMW ‘s trade name values.

BMW has embarked on a planetary advertisement run. What differentiates this publicity is the fact that it remains consistent throughout the company ‘s international run across the European, USA, Asia, South Africa and the Middle East markets. In over 15 states at that place will be:

Television musca volitanss

Print advertizements


Radio musca volitanss


In all three James Bond movies BMW, MGM and EON Productions Ltd worked together on a cross publicity undertaking. This was accomplished worldwide with Television commercials, print ads every bit good as shows in BMW trader salesrooms.

BMW Film

The best new movie series, by the most up-to-date managers, are non playing at the local theatre. Alternatively, these movies are accessible through your place computing machine, every bit good as your local BMW franchise.

Since its launch at, “ The Hire ” ( a movie series dwelling of five different short movies ) has been singled out as the first high profile, big-budget, celebrity-laden Internet matrimony of advertisement and amusement. It has been reviewed, scrutinized, deconstructed and cited as grounds of the parlous hereafter for traditional advertisement. New York Times movie critic ( Elvis Mitchell ) called the series “ a matrimony of commercialism and creativeness, straddling the ever-dwindling line between humanistic disciplines and selling. ” BMWFilms is merely the latest and perchance the hippest Web site to do usage of streaming picture in order to entice prospective clients. Fast autos, cryptic riders, Buddhist monastics, stone aces, and sinister enemies are all portion of the movie series, which are presented in installments by some of Hollywood ‘s top managers. These movies are being advertised on telecasting the same manner that film dawdlers are advertised ; the difference is that alternatively of the gimmick phrase “ coming shortly to a theatre near you, ” this gimmick phrase reads “ see it merely on ”

Actor Clive Owen ( star of the acclaimed British movie “ Croupier ” and, in the sentiment of his turning host of fans, the following James Bond ) is “ The Hire ” in the series rubric, a skilled materialistic driver who seems to specialise in hazardous assignments. While he is surely a smooth operator behind the wheel ( really “ James Bond ” like ) , it is ever the Ultimate Driving Machine that saves the twenty-four hours. The auto is decidedly the star of the show.

Each episode features a “ driver ” ( in a BMW, of course ) who is on a cryptic nighttime mission along with a cryptic rider. Examples include one incident where the driver is on the tally with a little Buddhist male child, to another episode that has an chesty ace prima donna ( played by Madonna ) urgently desiring to get away the drove of the paparazzi.

Filmgoers, bang searchers, and possible clients have the option of watching the picture utilizing Real Video or QuickTime picture participants. Another option is to download the BMW Film Player, a reasonably simple procedure offered through the BMW web site, which turns the computing machine screen into a illumination personal theatre complete with “ DVD quality ” images and sound. Installing this participant allows the user to download and see the picture on the full computing machine screen while offline. In add-on to the full-length picture, BMW besides offers dawdlers for those clients with slower modem connexions. These dawdlers allow viewing audiences the ability to hold a “ speedy peep ” at the movies.

The Numberss of viewing audiences to the site are turning each hebdomad. One hebdomad following the advertisement blitz of the web site movies, traffic to the site was up 55 % to 214,000 alone visitants compared to merely 138,000 the old hebdomad. ( harmonizing to Web measuring, house Nielsen/Net Ratings ) This enormous spring made BMWFilms one of the Internet ‘s fastest turning sites.

The movies all have differentiating manners, nevertheless one thing that they all hold in common: the bulk of the action takes topographic point in a BMW while the participants are in the center of a auto pursuit. There is no bound to the existent figure of BMWs that you will see ; one, two, three, even more Beemers are seen rushing down back streets and streets, whining around corners.

BMW did non randomly make up one’s mind to originate a web based advertisement run. The company clearly did its prep. It is a good known among advertisement houses that over 85 % of possible auto purchasers will carry on most ( if non all ) of their initial research on the Internet before they make a concluding determination on a purchase. Therefore, BMW has made it convenient for shoppers by adding a nexus to their movie site to This site gives consumers basic information about the auto ( s ) every bit good as the location and phone figure of the local franchises.

Given that the mean BMW car starts at about $ 30,000, the company ‘s determination to plan a classy movie series, which can be viewed on a high-velocity Internet connexion by an upscale, largely male audience, is clearly targeted.

The simple construct of these movies – BMW wants to sell autos!

Film construct

In the spring of 2000, two factors were on the tabular array at BMW. The first was concerns over Television effectivity, and the second was how to work the popularity of the Internet. BMW wanted to come up with an wholly new branding run ; excessively many rivals were copying the “ expression and feel ” of the BMW, the company needed to make something different to separate itself. On a more basic degree, BMW was turning more concerned with its ability to make its nucleus market via traditional methods such as web Television.

The originative squad of author David Carter and art manager Joe Sweet, had late completed a undertaking for Timex with manager Tim Burton. This selling run incorporated an Internet part that featured short pictures specifically shot for the Web.

The executives at BMW saw this as a manner to distinguish the company from other makers. BMW wanted something done entirely for the Internet, something non merely entertaining but besides cinematic. A construct was born – a longer movie that would be shot in sections and distributed via the Internet as a series. This series would unite merchandise arrangement with amusement. Most significantly, it would let BMW to force the envelope when it came to scripting the series. The Internet would let the company to demo what a BMW can make when force to the bounds, under utmost conditions and fortunes. BMW would non be able to convey this type of advertisement through traditional Television ads, without a few 100 disclaimers.

BMWFilms has accomplished several aims ; the most of import being the enormous bombilation in both the amusement and concern imperativeness. This was of import to BMW, since one of its ends was to do the BMW expression cool, without the old association with the 1980 ‘s manner of yuppie haughtiness.

A fact that was non conspicuously mentioned in much of the coverage of “ The Hire ” was the nucleus originative construct along with cardinal strategic thought, Web development, every bit good as several books, all came from one beginning: Publicis Troupe ‘s Fallon Worldwide in Minneapolis. “ I think we ‘re reinventing advertisement, ” said David Lubars, Fallon president and executive originative manager. Mr. Lubars added “ We ‘re non looking to do this a templet, as though this is what advertisement is [ traveling to be ] . I think what engineering affords you is that every client can acquire their ain customized media attack, and this was truly right for this client. ”

“ is a good illustration of film overing the lines between amusement and advertisement, ” said Jarvis Mak, senior Internet analyst at NetRatings. “ The site combines Hollywood ‘s intense auto pursuit scenes and Internet picture to present a new spin on merchandise showcasing, ” added Mak.

“ We think that a batch of the clip when people view traditional advertisement they view it through a filter of incredulity, ” said Jim McDowell, frailty president of selling for BMW of North America. “ When people watch amusement or a film, so they ‘re watching in an wholly different manner where they enjoy the phantasy, and hopefully retrieve it and portion it with others. ” “ We thought possibly alternatively of making advertisement we should be making amusement and making something merriment and interesting on the Web, ” McDowell said.

What if you do non hold a computing machine, or if your computing machine is non hooked to a T1 connexion? Never fright, BMW has already begun purchasing infomercial clip on the Bravo and Speedvision channels to showcase their “ Hire ” series.

Target Audience

Initially, BMW had no existent thought to whom the movies would appeal. BMW executives knew they would hold everyone from high school pupils to 7-Series proprietors as viewing audiences. BMW ‘s conjecture was that their cardinal inclination would hold been 25-year olds, with a average income of $ 100,000. BMW and Fallon research indicated that many were tech-savvy, and had fast, dependable entree to the web. Most of import, 85 % of purchasers had researched the vehicle on the web before stepping into a salesroom.

Features of the typical BMW Target Audience

Social values are altering quickly. Society will progressively take its cue from Generation X’ers and dot-comers instead than the babe boomers who have dominated its thought for most of four decennaries. Associated with that demographic displacement will be a return to the grasp of autonomy and cooperation. Autonomy because the traditional safety platforms such as Social Security and pensions will no longer be, and cooperation because it involves group action that, in bend, is the optimum scheme for the usage of scarce resources. Family issues such as long-run wellness attention, twenty-four hours attention, and anti-drug runs will stay dominant issues up until the terminal of the decennary.

Generation X and dot com will hold major effects in the hereafter. This 30-something Generation X cohort will be recognized for its entrepreneurial inherent aptitude since its members are get downing concerns at unprecedented rates. They are economically conservative, get down salvaging at an earlier age, and seek the shallow information skimmed from a CNN or a USA Today instead than absorb in-depth coverage.

Members of the dot-com coevals, now come ining their 20s, are turn outing to be even more business-oriented. Twice as many say they would prefer to have a concern instead than be a top executive. By a factor of 5 to 1, they would instead have a concern than keep a cardinal place in political relations or authorities.

In drumhead, the corporate and concern civilization of the babe boomers is a mismatch for these progressing coevalss that thrive on challenge and chance. It is more than hard currency that they want. They understand the demand for womb-to-tomb acquisition because that is the manner life has ever been for them. In add-on, as both clients and employees, they will demand even more advanced telecommunications and net-based minutess. Consumerism is still turning quickly. Because consumers will progressively hold entree to and information about pricing, services, bringing clip, and client satisfaction through the cyberspace, the consumer selling conflict will see a arrest in the diminution of monetary values and a counter-prevailing displacement to serve betterment and salesmanship.

In the terminal, nevertheless, fixed pricing will fall out of favour as goods and services are sold through on-line auctioning. The advocates of the demand for improved client service will be proved right. To cite the study, “ as monetary values fall to trade good degrees and online shops can name virtually every merchandise and trade name in their industry without important operating expense, service is the lone field left in which sellers can vie efficaciously. ”

Lorraine Ketch, the manager of planning in charge of Levi ‘s voguish Silvertab line explained, “ This audience hates marketing that ‘s in your face. It eyeballs it a mile off, chaws it up and tongues it out. ”

As expected, branded points with dominant reputes will stay powerful and in demand.

Selling Channelss


Car makers have taken some advanced attacks to pull Internet users to their web sites. However, it is surprising how rapidly advanced becomes ordinary. Slide shows, brassy life, and environment picture are now commonplace on most maker ‘s sites. In add-on, competitions have become so common that the possibility of winning a free auto may non be plenty to keep a viewer for more than a few proceedingss.

468×60 streamers are sold on a run-of-site ( ROS ) footing, intending, they will look on every hunt consequences page and on an equal rotating footing with other advertizers ‘ streamers. Ad rates for 468×60 ad streamers are computed on a cost-per-thousand ( CPM ) feeling footing and are presently priced at US $ 10 to $ 15 CPM. Flashing streamers and other methods cost somewhat more based on the web site and engineering involved.

For on-line ads, each advertizer is given password-protected entree to Real-time advertisement statistics, including how many feelings were served, how many click-throughs were achieved, and what click-through rate was achieved. The industry criterion for the chink through rate is anyplace from 0.25 % to 2 % , for sites like CNN, ZD Net, or Yahoo. Your existent click-through rate will depend on the visual aspect of your ad, and what it offers in footings of a selling message and call to action. Just like running a telecasting commercial during premier clip, or puting a full-page ad in “ Time ” magazine, these ads do non needfully do people to pick up the phone and order a merchandise at that really minute. Whereas a web-based procedure which guides the consumer through a systematic procedure is to do a purchase more likely. Specifically, these types of ads build name acknowledgment for the company and set up it as a major force in the industry. Then, when consumers are ready to purchase, your company will come to mind.


The 1999 American Association of Advertising Agencies Commercial Production Costs Survey revealed that the mean cost of a 30 2nd national commercial for an car was a humongous $ 389,000. The per centums of viewing audiences of MSNBC and Bravo who are in BMW ‘s mark income bracket represent 20.5 % . The per centum of viewing audiences in BMW ‘s mark age group ( 25-34 ) is 26.5 % .


The advertisement rates in a periodical like Time Magazine ranges from $ 250,000 for a full-page glandular fever to $ 360,000 for a full-page colour ad. The mean age of a Time Magazine subscriber is 45 and they have a average income of $ 69,000. This audience is of twice the age and half the income of BMW ‘s intended mark market. Time Magazine is one of the Prime Minister periodicals on the market at this clip.

DVD Promotions/Freebies

The cost of bring forthing a DVD maestro is between $ 50,000 and $ 100,000-plus the cost of bring forthing any fillip stuffs. DVD participant incursion in the US today is about at 25,600,000 units. This tendency is supposed to increase and the DVD is supposed to go the following VHS.

Competitive Analysis

In 1997, BMW was in danger of losing its long-standing lead in the import luxury auto section. Mercedes, Lexus, and Audi were coming on strong with great new merchandises and new selling runs designed to dethrone BMW. Nearly half of those sing a luxury auto rank “ merriment to drive ” as their figure one ground for buying the auto. However, for the first clip since BMW had been tracking its image, consumers ranked BMW at virtually the same degree as Mercedes or Lexus on properties like “ merriment to drive ” and “ antiphonal handling. ”

BMW ‘s three biggest rivals have launched new advertisement runs that highlighted what traditionally had been BMW ‘s greatest strength: public presentation. Therefore, BMW was non able to separate itself any longer as the lone company that boasted the alone criterion of quality as earlier.


The scope of autos from the elephantine company DaimlerChrysler is a traditional challenger of BMW ‘s. In 2000, they sold 1,155,000 units and had grosss of 43.7 billion euro. Mercedes ‘ strength would be its planetary presence, strong trade name presence, merchandise scope and its engineering leading. Mercedes selling runs have ever been subdued and low key. Mercedes allocates 25 per cent of its one-year selling budget to advanced Internet schemes, acknowledging the power of the Internet for presenting effectual and precise selling runs. When the auto maker launched the new Mercedes C Class Sports Coupe, it positioned the online run right at the top of its selling mix. Joining in a winning partnership with MSN, another planetary trade name with similar values, Mercedes sponsored A-Ha ‘s thirstily awaited homecoming concert.


Sparked by a determination from Toyota Chairman Eiji Toyoda in 1983 to dispute the best luxury vehicles, Lexus has since grown into one of the universe ‘s most inspiring car companies. Lexus is a division of Toyota Motor Gross saless, U.S.A. , Inc. They are seeking to leverage the Nipponese engineering to add trade name value to their vehicle. Lexus is America ‘s top merchandising luxury pavilion. The tough undertaking for Lexus is to lose the ‘Cheap but Reliable ‘ Toyota image. The one-year gross revenues of Toyota vehicles in the US have been on the order of $ 90-93 million in recent old ages.

Harmonizing to Chris Conrad, Lexus ‘ national advertisement director, Lexus is aiming its youngest purchasers of all time with the IS 300, approximately 75 % male, between the ages of 35 and 40, married, extremely educated with one-year family incomes of $ 100,000. The current mean age of a Lexus proprietor is 50, with the average age of the trade name ‘s hottest merchandising vehicle, the RX 300 sport-utility, at 48. The estimated $ 32 million run for the auto broke late on national Television and will go on for the following six months. Team One, El Segundo, Calif. , created the two national Television commercials. Five Television musca volitanss for regional trader ad groups and two magazine ads. The bureau besides created hoardings and six commercials that will be projected on edifices in three metropoliss.

Their online presence even for this run is limited, though Lexus is one of the advertizers establishing a rich-media run on the Excite Network, which includes WebCrawler and Classifieds 2000.


Audi is an international developer and maker of high-quality autos. In 2000, the company sold more than 650,000 Audi theoretical accounts. The gross revenues grosss of the Audi Group totaled 39 billion Deutsch Marks. The Audi Group has easy but certainly been infringing on the BMW and Mercedes markets. They have been seeking to advance the exclusivity of their autos.

Recently, Audi of America has embarked on its most ambitious online-marketing attempt of all time. The European auto importer kicked off the “ Double Take ” “ advertainment ” online sweepstakes as portion of its $ 25 million launch of the redesigned 2002 A4 saloon. Visitors to the site can seek to work out enigmas after sing hints from three short episodes affecting the A4. They can besides register to win awards while larning about the auto and its characteristics. The expansive award is a three-day trip for two to the Audi Driving Experience at the Panoz Driving School in Atlanta, GA. The sweepstakes, run by Don Jagoda Associates, Melville, N.Y. , allows chances to come in up to eight times. “ The chief thing is to educate and lure users to travel to franchises, ” said Steve Glauberman, president-CEO of Enlighten, the in private -held Ann Arbor, MI, Godhead of the site and sweepstakes.

Discussion Questions

Should BMW be utilizing a unvarying planetary publicity scheme?

Should BMW demo their new selling run on the Internet entirely, or as portion of the media mix?

Deductions of Marketing to Dot Comers and Gen X’ers?

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