Bmw Brand Audit Brand Inventory History Marketing Essay

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG ( BMW ) is a German maker of cars, bikes, and aircraft engines. Based in Munich, Germany, the company is the prima car exporter in Europe. The English interlingual rendition of the company ‘s name is Bavarian Motor Works.

The company traces its beginnings to 1913, when a Bavarian named Karl Rapp began an aircraft-engine store in Munich named Rapp Motoren Werke. In 1917 Rapp resigned and the company, led by Austrian applied scientist Franz-Josef Popp, changed its name to Bayerische Motoren Werke. That same twelvemonth head applied scientist Max Friz designed the company ‘s first aircraft engine, the six-cylinder Type IIIa, which created strong demand for BMW engines. When the 1919 Treaty of Versailles forbidden German companies from bring forthing aircraft and aircraft engines, BMW switched to doing air brakes for railroad autos. In 1923 Friz developed the company ‘s first bike, the R32, a theoretical account that held universe velocity records for bikes during most of the 1930s.

In 1928 the company entered the car concern by geting Fahrzeugwerke Eisenach ( Eisenach Vehicle Factory ) , a shaper of little autos based in Eisenach, Germany. In the 1930s BMW began bring forthing a line of larger touring autos and athleticss autos, presenting its extremely successful model-the 328 athleticss car-in 1936.

A A A After World War II ended in 1945, Allied forces dismantled the company ‘s chief mills. BMW made kitchen and garden equipment before presenting a new, cheap bike to the German market in 1948. The company ‘s return to car production in the 1950s resulted in hapless gross revenues. In the 1960s the company turned its lucks around by concentrating on athleticss saloons and compact touring autos, and it began to vie with Mercedes-Benz in the luxury-car markets of Europe and the United States. BMW ‘s U.S. gross revenues peaked in 1986 but so dropped steeply, partially due to competition from two new luxury cars-Lexus, made by Toyota Motor Corporation, and Infiniti, made by Nissan Motor Co. , Ltd. The 1989 prostration of the Berlin Wall led to a roar in auto gross revenues in Europe, and in 1992 BMW outsold Mercedes-Benz in Europe for the first clip.

In 1990 BMW formed a joint venture with the British aerospace company Rolls-Royce PLC to bring forth aircraft engines for concern jets. In 1992 BMW broke land for a major car works in Spartanburg, South Carolina, its first car works in the United States. In 1994 BMW acquired 80 per centum of the Rover Group-a British maker of little autos, luxury autos, and Land Rover sport-utility vehicles-from British Aerospace PLC. The $ 1.2 billion acquisition brought the company into new markets.

The BMW Group:

With the three trade names, BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, the BMW Group has its sights set steadfastly on the premium sector of the international car market. To accomplish its purposes, the company knows how to deploy its strengths with an efficiency that is unmatched in the automotive industry. From research and development to gross revenues and selling, BMW Group is committed to the really highest in quality for all its merchandises and services. The company ‘s success to day of the month is cogent evidence of this scheme ‘s rightness. The strategic aim is clearly defined: The BMW Group is the taking supplier of premium merchandises and premium services for single mobility.

( BMW Headquarter at Munich, Germany )

Abroad subordinates

South Africa

United States





BMW India

Headquartered in Gurgaon ( National Capital Region ) BMW India is a 100 % subordinate of the BMW Group. The initial investing in India is 1.1 billion Indian Rupees.

The broad scope of BMW in India include the constitution of a production works in Chennai ( Tamil Nadu ) and development of a trader administration across major metropolitan Centres of the state.

On 29 March 2007, BMW India officially opened its production works in Chennai. The BMW Plant Chennai produces the BMW 3 Series and BMW 5 Series Sedans in gasoline and Diesel discrepancies and has a capacity to bring forth 3000 units per twelvemonth on a individual displacement footing.

Soon, 12 traders represent BMW in the Indian market ; Bird Automotive ( Gurgaon, NCR ) , Deutschen Motoren ( New Delhi ) ; Navnit Motors ( Mumbai ) , Infinity Cars ( South Mumbai ) ; Krishna Automobiles ( Chandigarh ) ; Navnit Motors ( Bangalore ) , Delta Motors ( Hyderabad ) , Kun Exclusive ( Chennai ) , Bavaria Motors ( Pune ) , OSL Prestige ( Kolkata ) , Parsoli Motors ( Ahmedabad ) and Platino Classic ( Kochi ) . Owing to an ebullient growing potency, BMW is hopeful of multiplying its one-year gross revenues volume and has already chalked out an extended trader scheme to back up its programs.

BMW India will farther beef up the trader web by stepping into Phase II, by spread outing into the markets of Ludhiana, Bhubaneshwar, Jaipur and Coimbatore, by the terminal of 2009.

BMW franchises soon display the BMW 3 Series ( 325i, 320i and 320d, 320d Highline ) and BMW 5 Series ( 525i, 530i, 520d, 530d and 530d Highline ) that are produced at the BMW Plant Chennai. BMW franchises besides display the BMW 6 Series ( 650i Coupe and 650i Convertible ) , BMW 7 Series ( 750Li ) , BMW X3 ( X3 xDrive25i, X3 xDrive20d ) and the BMW X5 ( X5 xDrive48i and X5 xDrive30d ) which are available in the state as CBU ‘s ( wholly built-up units ) . The BMW M3 coupe , BMW M3 Convertible, BMW M5, BMW M6 Coupe , BMW M6 Convertible, BMW 6 Series Individual and BMW 7 Series Individual can besides be ordered at BMW India franchises.

BMW India has besides established an International Purchasing Office ( IPO ) at its Headquarters in Gurgaon. The IPO will concentrate on the development of exports from India to the BMW Group International Production Network and there work towards increasing the sourcing portion from India over the following old ages. The activities include the designation and appraisal of possible providers taking into history BMW ‘s demands for quality, engineering and logistics. The IPO will research procurance of production stuff ( constituents ) every bit good as IT and Engineering Services.

BMW Financial Services.

BMW India has partnered with Bajaj Allianz General Insurance for offering motor insurance and with ICICI Bank to offer customized fiscal solutions and ORIX Auto Infrastructure Services Limited for renting services for its clients. These merchandises and services are offered through the BMW Financial Services.

Brand breadth

BMW: Since its origin, the BMW trade name has stood for one thing: sheer drive pleasance. Sporting and dynamic public presentation combine with matchless design and sole quality, ensuing in the alone entreaty of BMW cars.

Web site:

Miniskirt: The MINI trade name is refreshfully different: extroverted, self-generated and in every regard something out of the ordinary. Ideal for a society that was immature, unconventional and ready for alteration, the MINI Classic became a cult vehicle in the 1960ss and 1970ss. Since so the trade name has lost none of its vernal appeal. MINI is portion of a life style that is widely distributed and confident, ready for everything.

Web site:

Rolls-Royce: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited has been portion of the BMW Group since January 1, 2003. Rolls-Royce is one of the most absorbing and well-known trade names in the universe, the luxury motor auto par excellence. For over 100 old ages, motor autos of the Rolls-Royce trade name have stood for genuinely outstanding technology, quality and dependability.


Motorcycles: Premium is the cardinal word for BMW Group motorcycles every bit good. The group has enjoyed great success with their scheme: to develop and construct the best bikes, set criterions with respect to engineering, environmental protection and safety, and supply outstanding client service in the pre- and after-sales stages.


BMW Brand Portfolio


Three-door Five-door Coupe Convertible

3Series 6Series

Sedan Touring Coupe ConvertibleA Sedan ActiveHybrid 7

5Series 7Series

Sedan Touring Gran Turismo Coupe ConvertibleA

Ten Series Z4 Series

X1 X3 X5 X6 ActiveHybrid X6A Z4 Roadster

M Series

M3 Sedan M3 Coupe M3 Convertible M5 Sedan M5 Touring M6 Coupe

M6 Convertible X5 M X6 M


i‚·iˆ Stylish peerless design

i‚·iˆ German technology

i‚·iˆ Performance

i‚·iˆ Luxury

i‚·iˆ Reliability

i‚·iˆ Comfort

i‚·iˆ Speed

i‚·iˆ Safety

Exclusive quality

Well-established trade names

Selling Schemes

COMMUNICATION, Pricing AND Distribution:

Most of the BMW communicating takes topographic point through print media in magazines and newspapers. This is supported by communicating through Television advertizements and point of gross revenues publicity. Now a yearss a good company has a province of the art web portal, BMW web sites are extremely enlightening, synergistic and a pleasance to watch. One can acquire any sum of elaborate information sing the monetary values, characteristics, retail merchants, and support services etc. There are company specified retail merchants and distributers throughout the universe who are in changeless touch with the parent and comply implicitly. Traders besides have round the clock service and fix. BMW besides has a used auto portal where one can take and purchase his/her appropriate theoretical account.

Brand Exploratory

Customer cognition: BMW has successfully leveraged its history and tradition of excellence along with invention to go the most celebrated and recognized car manufacturer in the universe. Typical consumer trade name associations for BMW might be “ heritage ” , “ fashionable ” , “ epicurean ” , “ powerful ” , “ elegant ” , “ public presentation ” and “ fuel efficient ” to an extent.

Beginnings of trade name equity: The BMW name, one of the oldest in the history of auto shapers, is no uncertainty is an of import beginning of trade name equity. But being a German auto is besides a cardinal beginning of trade name equity. The symbol with white and bluish partitioned circle is a known symbol all over the universe. The fact that it ‘s a German engineered auto adds a ton to its trade name equity. Germans are the best applied scientists in the whole universe. BMW has a Brand Ambassador named as Maria Ilieva, who is a Bulgarian Singer and Producer, recognized as a most successful female vocal creative person.

Sponsorships: BMW has been engaged in motorsport activities since the morning of the first BMW bike. It is presently patronizing:

Formula BMW – A Junior racing Formula class.

Kumho BMW Championship – A BMW-exclusive title tally in the United Kingdom.


Formula One – BMW has won 19 Grands Prix as an engine provider. In July 2009, BMW announced that it would retreat from Formula One at the terminal of the 2009 season.

Touring auto rushing – BMW has a long and successful history in touring auto racing.

Motorcycle Rally – BMW bikes have won Paris Dakar Rally 6 times.

Philanthropy: The company is a charter member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ‘s ( EPA ) National Environmental Achievement Track, which recognizes companies for their environmental stewardship and public presentation. It is besides a member of the South Carolina Environmental Excellence Program and is on the Dow Jones Sustainability Group Index, which rates environmentally friendly companies. BMW has taken steps to cut down the impact the company has on the environment. It is seeking to plan less-polluting autos by doing bing theoretical accounts more efficient, every bit good as developing environmentally friendly fuels for future vehicles. Possibilities include: electric power, intercrossed power ( burning, engines and electric motors ) H engines.

BMW offers 49 theoretical accounts with EU5/6 emanations norm and about 20 theoretical accounts with CO2 end product less than 140 g/km, which puts it on the lowest revenue enhancement group and hence could supply the hereafter proprietor with eco-bonus offered from some European provinces.

At trade name degree, excessively, BMW does better than its chief rivals in the premium section by significantly more than half a litre of fuel ingestion with an mean degree of 160 g CO2/km. The vehicles of the following best rival have a CO2 emanations degree of 16 gms more than the theoretical accounts of the trade name BMW, with the following rival after this at a degree which is every bit much as 28 g higher than the trade name BMW – equal to a whole litre of Diesel. Between 2006 and 2008, the trade name BMW achieved a decrease in fuel ingestion of 16 % , more than duplicating the decrease attained by the following best premium section rival. At the same, BMW vehicles are still good in front of their rivals in footings of mean engine end product

BMW Mental Map

Luxury Image







( BMW mental map )

The client based trade name equity pyramid ( CBBE ) :

The BMW client based trade name equity is every bit strong on the left and right manus sides. It is besides strong from underside to exceed, basking the highest trade name consciousness of a car manufacturer every bit good as high repetition purchase rates and client trueness. To a certain extent BMW has successfully focused on both the superior merchandise properties and the imagination associated with owning and driving a BMW.

Points of para

German car manufacturer, Quality technology, Durable, Stylish & A ; sleek designs, Attractive

Points of difference

History and heritage, Characteristic Symbol, Number of discrepancies, Luxury with Performance efficiency

CBBE Pyramid

CBBE Pyramid properties

Resonance: Top notch quality and comfort: high trueness, high repetition purchase,

Judgment: State of the art engineering and quality: universe category autos, invention and design, clever design, simple to run.

Feelingss: Social blessing and ego regard, environment concern.

Performance: Exceeding Customer service, good resale value, less care, less polluting, superb on route public presentation.

Imagination: Historical and authoritative image: since 1916, associated with rushing events and Rallies.

Salience: High consciousness: German wonder, best in the category, first-class coating.


Competition: There is a sudden addition in competition from the other auto makers in all the sections. Mercedes is the premier rival so there are others like Volvo, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen etc. The rivals are establishing new merchandises everyday to hold a greater pie of the market portion every bit good as the client head. The tendencies and scenarios are invariably altering in the consumer market. The silver coevals with a demand for mobility and fiscal strength demands something which entreaties to them. The life styles have changed. There must be individualisation and distinction between life styles and merchandises. BMW must maintain this in head and develop merchandises. For case, BMW can pull in-between and moderate civilization households by establishing more fuel efficient and less priced discrepancies.

Technology: Market needs merchandises with first-class networking but simple interaction. Customer ‘s environmental sensitiveness is increasing. Environment is going a competition factor. Nevertheless BMW takes necessary stairss towards environment protection and development but the demand of hr is to develop vehicles powered with renewable beginnings of energy. E.g. BMW has Hybrid autos but they are non much efficient as Honda ‘s Hybrid autos.

Product distinction must be done through engineering and emotion and a clear merchandise and a trade name image. BMW must widen merchandise leading particularly sing design, driving experience and quality.

BMW must specifically turn to image generators and developing loyal, long term client dealingss. BMW must link to the adult females consumer excessively. BMW has MINI trade name but there is a immense untapped female consumer market which is still untasted. BMW can plan and develop merchandises entirely for this section.

Selling: Company can sell jerseies, mugs, dresss of BMW logo in order to construct a strong trade name equity. Company can besides name Entertainment Celebrities ( with regard to vicinity or part footing ) to beef up trade name equity.

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