Bmw Automobiles In The Mid 2000s Marketing Essay

This study outline an overview on the strategic place of BMW car group, a amalgamate European car manufacturer specially in the prestige-car section, in the first old ages of 21th century ( concentrate on 2004 ) understanding altering attraction, clients perceptual experience and kineticss of the industry where BMW operates:

The first portion shows the macro factors and the chief tendencies of the car sector that might impact BMW scheme. Additionally, is covering a peculiar focal point on emerging markets.

Porter ‘s five forces model helps to understand the construction and the strength of each competitory force in the car industry.

The last paragraph concern the critical success factors to surpass section competition and the BMW ‘s strategic capableness, demoing which capablenesss are typical or alone for the company to keep a sustainable competitory advantage.

Automotive industry overview in the first 2000s

The automotive industry since the center of twentieth century has obtained a singular development up to stand for one of the highest symbol in footings of vanguard engineering and production efficiency ; in fact the development of cars over the century is sensational.

Cars have gained a particular and distinguished place in the planetary market: the sector using 1000000s of workers and has penetrated in people ‘s life as a position symbol in this modern scenario, based on technological promotion and design development.

For the developed states, and progressively for the development, the automotive represent the flag of the economic advancement.

Pestel model

From the beginning of 2000s complex macro political and economical factors have influenced the industry tendency. The universe economic system downswing occurred chiefly in Europe, during 2000 and 2001, and in United States, in 2002 and 2003, sing what might be the effectual impacts of September 11th ( Rogoff, et Al. 2001 ) . The in-between E struggles, coupled with the higher oil monetary values, added uncertainness to the planetary economic system ( Miller, et Al. 2002 ) .

The automotive industry registered a diminution in most markets except UK and emerging economic systems like India and China which are holders of excess capital and purchasing power.

In the visible radiation of a planetary economic recovery ( Economic growing rate – Exhibit 1 ) , the world-wide demand for autos increased reasonably in 2004 compared to the old twelvemonth. The three chief historical markets ( Japan, the USA and Western Europe ) merely registered little gross revenues volume additions. In the underdeveloped economic systems like China and South America the gross revenues growing between 2003-2004 was astonishing ( Gross saless growing rate 2004/2003 – Exhibit 1 ) .

Exhibit 1 – Global economic growing and automotive industry gross revenues tendency

The societal influences which had have an impact on automotive industry of get downing 2000 concern chiefly alterations of client penchants in fuel efficiency and low emanation vehicles, alterations in purchasing behavior of the consumers due to recession in mature markets ( outlooks on monetary value ) , design and trade name entreaty.

It ‘s notable that the car industry is involved in fast technological alterations achieved from the companies to derive a clear competitory advantage. This fast alterations concern with the increasing

usage of important electrical and electronic devices in the hereafter cars, that can supply comfort and safety through developments in the countries of anti-lock braking systems ( ABS ) , automatic stableness control ( ASC ) systems, grip control systems ( TCS ) , electronic fuel injectors, airbags and similar occupant-restraint systems, engine direction systems and other power train

systems, on-board pilotage and driver information systems, electronic security devices, amusement systems and organic structure electronics ( Swift, 2000 ) .

Alterations or limitation on environmental pollution allow the betterment of fuel ingestion decrease engineerings such as hybrid-electric systems and suggest the employment of advanced stuffs such as aluminum and plastic, alternatively of steel, to do cars lighter and more fuel-efficient.The usage of new and sophisticated design attempt to get the better of the reduced borders in the industry run intoing the clients ‘ demands.

The increasing acceptance of engineering in cars and industrial procedures requires a considerable investing in machinery and their efficient direction in order to cut down production costs.

Focus on emerging markets

Under Emerging Markets we understand the Regions where industrialisation has set in, but have non yet reached the “ adulthood ” of a first universe economic system. In the emerging states a in-between category is organizing and – most of import for the makers of the developed states – the demand for goods in about all classs of merchandises and services is increasing.

In the instance of the automotive industry, the Emerging Markets represent about the alone countries of possible high growing. The in writing below ( Exhibit 2 ) , shows the autos distribution of most developed and developing states.

Exhibit 2 – Car park per 1000s population, 2003

Most of the Asiatic car markets developed positively. The entire figure of new enrollments in Japan once more increased somewhat compared to 2003. The dynamism of growing on China ‘s car market slowed down in 2004 compared to old old ages, nevertheless, the growing rate for rider autos was still robust.

Gross saless of new autos continued to retrieve in Latin American markets. The figure of light vehicles sold in Brazil rose by 10 % to about 1.5 million units.

We have to make some considerations: markets like China and India holding multitudes of possible clients, rapid rates of economic growing and relatively few autos today. The ground because most people in China and India do non hold an car is merely that they can non afford them – China ‘s GDP per caput is a ten percent of the degree needed for motorization, India ‘s is less than half that ( Hongjun, 2004 ) .

The gross revenues chances in these markets, likely, can non counterbalance the stagnancy of the biggest markets in short. Likely once the emerging markets will be “ mature ” plenty, high rates of growing might be possible for the automotive once more.

Another consideration is that some of these states, such as India and Thailand were already exporters of vehicles to other states in the part and in some instances to Western markets such as Europe ( and China is on its manner to acquiring at that place ) .

Competitive analysis of automotive industry

By the late 1990s and the first 2000s the car market was planetary, mature and amalgamate.

The industry was characterized by non clear merchandise distinction, car manufacturers stumbled on intense monetary value competition, with the attendant profitableness decrease which caused funding issues.

Porter ‘s Five Forces Analysis

Five forces analysis helps to understand the competition in automotive of 2004.

Menace of new entrant depends chiefly on the extent and tallness of barriers to entry in the market. In the production of cars economic systems of graduated table are highly of import. To put up new fabrication works and assembly line drive needed to accomplish the productive capacity and acquire cognition to bring forth premium quality cars expeditiously keeping low costs, implicate considerable investing demands for entry: “ A new vehicle could requires more than 30,000

technology hours, takes 3-5 old ages to finish and needs several billion dollars of up-front investing ” ( Sturgeon, 2009 ) .

In the affair of what we have mentioned above, is singular the research and development investing of BMW in 2004 of approximately 2.6 euro billion, higher of the entire grosss of Tata motors, the Indian new entrant, in the same twelvemonth ( Tata Motors report 2003/2004 -1 Rupees Crore = 10 Rupees Million ) .

Crucially of import is besides the distribution channels – another barrier to entry – as is the entree to provide concatenation: new participants need several competencies to set up a solid value concatenation.

Furthermore new entrants need clip to acquire a topographic point and the repute in the heads of the purchasers.

Obviously the menace of entry in the automotive, even more for the prestigiousness section, was low.

The menace of replacement, that is the possibility for the clients of switch on other category of merchandise, in the car market is moderate. In fact the value of the permutation construct is to force directors to look outside the car industry to see more distant menaces.

To believe about a merchandise which can offer the same flexibleness and comfort of an car for who use is non easy. Nevertheless there are one million millions of people in the universe without an car,

evidently, the most portion of them can non afford it. However plentifulness of people can make up one’s mind in alternate manner of conveyance like a bike, scooter, minibike, train and a combination of them.

Thinking about the market cleavage, frequently the ratio between monetary value and public presentation is decisive in the car market. For this ground many companies of the sole category have planned to spread out their concern in lower monetary value scope – to cut down the consequence of permutation between one section and another – through the debut of less epicurean theoretical accounts in their merchandises portfolio or strategic acquisitions. After the resurgence of MINI trade name in 2001, BMW introduced the BMW X3 – the “ younger sister ” of X5 – in 2003 and the twelvemonth after lunched the new compact premium auto SERIE 1.

Dickering power of purchasers was high. With the low distinction of the cars produced by the major companies, purchasers could make up one’s mind the merchandise harmonizing to the monetary value scope.

BMW and its mainly rivals – Mercedes, Lexus, Audi – are positioned in sole cars range, offering similar characteristics. Buyers could easy exchange between one trade name or another.

The bargaining power of providers was low in this industry. The increasing cost of natural stuffs – gum elastic, glass, steel, plastic cost has increased significantly, largely due to oil and natural gum elastic monetary value additions – and the high volumes require pushed the car manufacturers to set up long clip associations with providers seeking to keep every bit low as possible the monetary value of vehicle parts, constituents or equipment. Furthermore automobile manufacturers and their providers are profoundly committed in multiple regional production systems. In North and South America, Europe, Southern Africa and Asia, local providers tend to feed concluding assembly workss that produce finished vehicles for regional markets, for cut downing logistics disbursals and for a speedy response to consumer petitions. These procedures of strong partnership with big planetary car manufacturers and atomization of the automotive supply concern, connote that many providers depend on few car manufacturers that buy a bulk of their merchandises. They are strongly susceptible to the demands ( cost, clip and quality ) of the car maker.

Competitive competition

Most of the universe car production has concentrated in five big companies: General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen and DaimlerChrysler. The industry has been chiefly the signifier of oligopoly with smaller participants, as is BMW, focused on niches.

The high investings in workss, capital equipment and R & A ; D represent high issue barriers and connote to cut down unit costs by increasing volumes – companies typically cut their monetary values.

Recently, from the first old ages of twenty-first century, sing the diminution in the car market any growing is likely to be at the disbursals of a rival, and run into the necessary opposition. The competition has intensified, with many participants involved in different sections and in legion states doing low monetary values, discriminatory funding, free insurance and long-run guarantees.

Competitive competition is high.

Exhibit 3 – Unit of measurements sold and gross revenues grosss of BMW and the five major companies.

2003-2004 comparing. Personal amplification from one-year studies of each company.

The two US manufacturers ( GM & A ; Ford ) increased reasonably their gross revenues between 2003 and 2004 and their grosss have been “ deflated ” by the doomed of the dollar compared with euro.

BMW, Mercedes-Benz ( produced by Daimler Chrysler ) and Audi ( produced by VW ) operate in prestigiousness section and the grosss were the highest comparatively at vehicles sold.

Future alterations

The groundss obtained from the analysis above draw a consolidate and globalized automotive industry with an intense competition, typical of adulthood phase in footings of “ industry life rhythm ” . The car industry was enduring from an apathetic economic growing coupled with geopolitical issues that impacting on the planetary industry: as consequence of maintain or better their market place, participants will be involved in strategic alterations which imply hits in different scope of merchandise, in ground of a non clear distinction for the clients.

The market sections are defined sing companies of mass market – where operate Ford and GM driven by the growing of Toyota – that will force their selling scheme chiefly on a high rate between monetary value and public presentations ( such as quality and fuel efficiency ) and will seek to keep high degree of production and supply concatenation efficiency, in ground of their big volumes and low profitableness.

The other companies of premium section – Audi ( trade name of VW group ) in primis – will seek to distinguish their merchandises, seeking an ain trade name individuality to be more competitory in the industry.

The luxury automobiles manufacturers will concentrate their attempts on trade name direction and design invention seeking to export these representative elements besides to the smaller auto with the high-performance characteristics.

How we can see the chief strategic way of each section follow the distinguishing elements needed to vie in the automotive of the first decennary of twenty-first century.

The other tendency of the industry concern the capablenesss offered by the emerging markets in footings of demand and supply. The emerging market size will be one of the most deciding factors for foreign investings, such as the low work force costs, the substructure support and the specific authorities inducements – revenue enhancement and subsidies – provided by all these states to pull foreign investors. Political stableness of states like India, China and Brazil will assist to set up the exchange understandings needed to the concern development of companies.

If a New Entrant ( as is Tata Motors from the Indian market ) has the purpose to come in and vie in the planetary market, probably the fastest manner to obtain the needful demands of market portion, competencies, relationship with provider and distribution channels will be to develop procedures of amalgamation and acquisition affecting other companies.

In the same clip, the officeholders could beef up their presence in the emerging markets through partnership with the local manufacturers, distributers and provider of natural stuffs and constituents to cut down the logistic costs.

Critical success factor to surpass section competition and BMW ‘s strategic capableness

Critical success factor in the market sections of BMW

From the first of 2000s the full car market, bettering their technology, was supplying vehicles with high criterion of quality, which became a demand, and the clients ‘ outlooks began to be more sophisticated. The involvement on specifications ( fuel ingestion, brake system, public presentations, etc. ) and accoutrements ( conditioning system, electric Windowss, etc. ) increased and the clients compared theoretical accounts from different manufacturers holding peculiar attending on monetary value, commercial footings ( lead clip, payments ) and funding conditions ( renting, involvement rate ) .

Customers of premium and luxury section give value at distinguished elements such as vehicle design and trade name entreaty: the companies begin to better the customization – offering a big combination of insides and hi-tech elements of design – as success factor to run into the different penchants ; investings are concentrating on construct a strong trade name that means act on the perceptual experience of the clients forcing them on trust in the merchandise.

The typical competition of mature market, which push down the monetary values, and the germinating clients ‘ outlooks, which require immense investings, Begin to gnaw the borders besides in sections where the profitableness was high. Esteemed manufacturers were spread outing their presence in smaller auto section with the purpose of win ( or protect ) market portion.

The cost decrease represent one of the most effectual arm to vie, but perfectly should non intend a loss of production flexibleness or speedy response for the clients.

BMW ‘s competencies

BMW must be capable of outperform the critical success factors underlined above that emerge from demands and demands of its clients ; to make this, BMW recurs on its resources and competencies of first-class car manufacturer. BMW Group operates steadfastly on the premium and the luxury sections of the international car market: with the BMW, Rolls-Royce and MINI Motor Cars companies, were sold in entire 1,208,732 during 2004, an addition of 9.5 % compared to the old twelvemonth. ( Exhibit 3 ) . Remarkable are the technological developments achieved in Formula1 and the manufactured of the first rider car with H engine. Across the old ages the company has become the industry benchmark for high-performance esteemed cars, customized production, design development and trade name direction ( Edmondson, 2006 ) .

Customized excellence and flexible production

BMW, with a‚¬44.3 billion in gross revenues in 2004 ( Exhibit 3 ) , is much smaller than its American rivals, which are stiff and slow to react to demand and market tendencies, while BMW ‘s administration construction is level, flexible, entrepreneurial and fast. The flexibleness of BMW ‘s mills allows plentifulness of fluctuations on basic theoretical accounts. BMW clients can alter everything from engine type to the coloring material of the gear-shift box to largely higher-priced options such as a multiple epicurean inside until five yearss before production Begins. There are so many constellations that line workingmans assemble the same vehicle merely approximately one time every nine months. Toyota on a regular basis sends applied scientists to BMW ‘s mills to see how the company realizes 1.2 million customized vehicle a twelvemonth.

R & A ; D and invention

Dependability and quality are basic for the development procedure. The purpose is to accomplish farther progresss and cut down the complexness of single systems by agencies of new engineerings, but without decreasing invention or releasing utile maps: in 2001, BMW propose to their clients its iDrive control system. It was thought to assist drivers to scroll through many information and amusement maps with a individual boss, but it seemed inexplicable to many clients ( Edmondson, 2006 ) .

Preparations for new engines and vehicle theoretical accounts were the chief focal point of research and development for the BMW Group in 2004. The purpose of “ Efficient Dynamism ” is to equilibrate the contradictory marks of more safety, power and comfort the one manus and lower ingestion and emanations on the other. The BMW Group is committed to cut downing fuel ingestion – and related C dioxide emanations ( CO2 ) – to run into the current market demands. Pushing in front with new light-weight building constructs and stuffs and with the development of new engine engineerings in order to achive the fixed purpose for new registered vehicles to 140 g/km, tantamount to a 25 % decrease in ingestion for the period from1995 to 2008 ( Exhibit 4 ) .

Exhibit 4 – Fuel ingestion of BMW Group autos ( index 1990 = 100 )


The purpose of the BMW group for the undermentioned old ages of 2004 was to increase the productiveness ( end product of production ) bettering the efficiency of the resources, keeping the highest criterions of quality.The BMW Group achieved a new record for car production volume in 2004. Overall, 1,250,345 BMW, Rolls-Royce and MINI trade name autos were manufactured in 2004 ( +11.7 % ) . In total,1,059,978 BMW trade name autos were manufactured worldwide in 2004, a production volume addition of 12.3 % compared to the old twelvemonth. In add-on, 189,492 MINI trade name autos left the Oxford works, 8.7 % more than in 2003. Furthermore, 875 Rolls-Royce Apparitions were produced by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in Goodwood, Great Britain, an addition of 74.3 % over the old twelvemonth.

BMW strategic presence in the Chinese market

In visible radiation of what we have discussed on the chance in emerging markets and the purpose of spread outing the worldwide presence increasing the production volume with the hard control of European labor cost, BMW Group was moved to collaborate with the celebrated Brilliance China Automotive, established a production, gross revenues and after-sales service joint venture. The works based in Shenyang was officially opened on May of 2004 widening the BMW Group ‘s international presence and sets a new milepost for BMW ‘s development in China.

BMW autos made by BMW Brilliance follow the high quality criterions of premium automotive merchandises of the BMW trade name.

Acquire and keep a sustainable competitory advantage: Decisions

First of all the direction of the cost in the car market could be a footing for accomplishing and keeping competitory advantage. For many car companies of mass sector cost efficiency could stand for a threshold strategic capableness, choosing for a low monetary value scheme giving value and characteristics. In premium and prestige sectors BMW will be seeking to cut down their costs to under-price its rivals offering the major figure of characteristics on its cars. BMW achieves economic systems of graduated table by increasing its production capacity. Long-run contracts were in topographic point in 2004 to fudge the monetary value of the chief natural stuffs ( steel, plastic ) purchased by the BMW Group. The company was therefore able to pull off its supply costs. Better coordination between inbound and outbound logistics contributes to optimizing the supply ironss, to cut downing stock lists and to reacting to consumer petitions.

The BMW 1 Series, lunched in 2004, was designed to portion 30 % of its constituents with the lightly larger 3 Series, and this last was designed to portion the platform with the new BMW X3. Components sharing and production flexibleness will assist bring forth nest eggs ( Edmondson, 2004 ) .

but could take to a flatting of the characteristics of different theoretical accounts and a attendant cannibalism ( Edmondson, 2003 ) .

The typical capablenesss of BMW group was surely its strong established trade names – BMW, MINI and Rolls Royce – based on its technology quality and repute. The group has alone resources that critically will reenforce competitory advantage ; for this BMW group should go on its policy of beef uping the stigmatization without doing that the policy of costs containment, mentioned above, due to perforate in the smaller autos section, would imply the loss of the high criterions of quality and dependability, that have made great the BMW ‘s trade names in prestigiousness section, has negative consequence on clients perceptual experience.

The BMW Group was able to set up its trade name and the value of its vehicles throughout the 20th century and to export this trade name individuality in all states where it operates – since 2004 besides in the Chinese market – the new challenge is to be able to retain these values in market sections where profitableness is lower and competition puts more force per unit area on costs direction: Daimler Chrysler and Volkswagen Group, with their several Brands, have the resources to cover with high volumes of production ; will BMW Group be able to go on its internal growing scheme, undertaken in 2002 by the new CEO Helmut Panke, which can increase the production end product and therefore addition market portion necessary to vie globally in the car market?

After all BMW from early 2000 planed to spread out its presence in a category of low-average monetary value.

The 1 Series was besides lunched to force gross revenues of BMW-brand autos over the 1 million threshold in 2004 as a consequence of the execution of the merchandise and market enterprise. In the same twelvemonth was introduced the BMW X3. Therefore have more than doubled the sale of BMW trade name cars in the last 10 old ages. This advancement is besides planned for 2005 and future old ages, with clear ends for growing in gross revenues.

To run into the debut of a new theoretical account every three months through to 2005 the BMW Group find the flexibleness of production required in an successful entrepreneurial civilization. The BMW Group had a work force of 105,972 employees at the terminal of 2004, 1.6 % more than the old twelvemonth. BMW ‘s employees have become a nimble web of determined people with few hierarchal barriers to blockade invention and procedure optimisation. Young interior decorators in several company studios from Munich central office to Design Centre in Los Angeles are invariably put “ one against another ” in het competitions ( Edmondson, 2006 ) . They are free to stand out with their best constructs to fulfill the outlooks of new markets and run into progressively clients demands in line of ‘the ultimate drive machine ‘ for people mobility. The committedness of the group ‘s employees allow to overcome these future challenges.

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