The Bmws Main Products And Services Marketing Essay


These three thaumaturgy letters stand for Bayerische Motoren Werke, or in English, Bavarian Motor Works. The “ Motor ” is the nucleus of this acronym and is the foundation ; the cardinal portion around which BMW builds every merchandise. BMW Group manufactures merchandises under three trade names: BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. As a world-wide administration, BMW Group has a long and established heritage of fabricating premium merchandises. This subdivision offers an overview of the Company.

Mission statement

“ The mission statement up to the twelvemonth 2020 is clearly defined: the BMW Group is the universe ‘s prima supplier of premium merchandises and premium services for single mobility. ”

BMW ‘s chief merchandises and services

BMW Group merchandises are in great demand worldwide.

aˆ? Financial Services: BMW ( UK ) Ltd. offers its clients a scope of bespoke fiscal services for both the concern and private consumer.

aˆ? BMW Lifestyle

Customers can buy a broad scope of branded vesture, gifts and accoutrements from their local franchise or from the BMW Lifestyle Shop.

aˆ? The BMW Car and Motorcycle range comprises:

o 1 Seriess

o 3 Seriess

o 5 Seriess

o 6 Seriess

o 7 Seriess

O X3

O X5

O X6

O Z6

O Z4

o M Series

We manufacture our merchandises at 23 sites in 13 states on four continents: seven vehicle workss for BMW cars and bikes and the Oxford works for the MINI in Great Britain, three engine workss, four for constituents and particular maps, and eight assembly workss. The Rolls-Royce Phantom and Ghost are manufactured by manus by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, in Goodwood, England.

Undertaking 01


Selling is the societal procedure by which persons and groups obtain what they need and want through making and interchanging merchandises and value with others.

Selling is the direction procedure that identifies, anticipates and satisfies client demands productively.

Selling is the procedure of interesting possible clients and clients in your merchandises and/or services. The word key in this selling definition is “ process ” ; marketing implies to fix, advance, the sale, and the distribution your merchandises or services. It ‘s a immense topic, which is why there are tomes written on selling, and why you can take a four-year selling grade. But basically marketing involves everything you do to acquire your possible clients and your merchandise or service together. When you ‘re seting together a selling plan for your concern, dressed ore on the selling basic rules, the four cardinal constituents of any selling program:

merchandise and services




The name of the game in selling is pulling and retaining a turning base of satisfied clients. Making and implementing a selling program will maintain your selling attempts focused and increase your selling success.

Selling constructs

Management doctrine harmonizing to which a house ‘s ends can be best achieved through designation and satisfaction of the client ‘s stated and unexpressed demands and wants.

Customer demands and wants

A demand is a basic demand that an single wants to fulfill. Peoples have basic demands for nutrient, shelter, fondness, regard and self-development. Many of these demands are created from human biological science and the nature of societal relationships. Customer demands are, hence, really wide. Whilst client demands are wide, client wants are normally rather narrow. In want simple per centum has desire for a specific merchandise or service to fulfill the underlying demand.

Consumer behavior

consumer behaviour: it is the survey of consumers and the procedures they use to take, usage, and dispose of merchandises and services. A more in depth definition will besides include how that procedure impacts the universe. Consumer behaviour incorporates thoughts from several scientific disciplines including psychological science, biological science, chemical science and economic sciences. “ All selling determinations are based on premises and cognition of consumer behaviour, ” . Researching consumer behaviour is a complex procedure, but understanding consumer behaviour is critical to marketers-they can utilize it to:

Provide value and client satisfaction.

Efficaciously mark clients.

Enhance the value of the company.

Improve merchandises and services.

Make a competitory advantage

Understand how clients view their merchandises versus their rivals ‘ merchandises.

Expand the cognition base in the field of selling,

Marketing Orientation

A selling orientated concern is one that allows the wants and demands of clients and possible clients to drive all the house ‘s strategic determinations. The civilization of concern of the concern consistently is committed to making client value. In order to find client demands, the company normally needs to carry on selling research. The seller expects that this procedure, if done right, will supply the company with a sustainable competitory advantage.

A selling oriented house will typically demo the undermentioned features:

Extensive usage of selling research

Broad merchandise lines

Emphasis on a merchandise ‘s benefits to clients instead than on merchandise properties

Use of merchandise invention techniques

The offering of accessory services like recognition handiness, bringing, installing, and guarantee


A puch promotional scheme makes usage of a company gross revenues force and trade publicity activities to make consumer petition for a merchandise. The manufacturer promotes the merchandise to jobbers, the jobbers promote it to retail merchants, and the retail merchants promote it to consumers.

A push scheme tries to sell straight to the consumer, short-circuiting other distribution channels. With this type of scheme, consumer publicities and advertisement are the most likely promotional tools.


A pull merchandising scheme is one that requires high disbursement on advertisement and consumer publicity to develop the consumer petition for a merchandise. If the scheme is successful, consumers will inquire their retail merchants for the merchandise, the retail merchants will inquire the jobbers, and the jobbers will inquire the manufacturers.

Cost and advantages of marketing orientation examined

Primary Research

Primary research is research used to roll up informations for a specific undertaking. Types of primary informations aggregation methods include:

Personal Observation

The observation of the respondent by a trained perceiver or by electronic equipment. The purpose is to detect consumer responses and behavior to a merchandise or client service.

Personal Interviews

Face to confront interview between an interviewer and the respondent at place or in shopping Centres.


Qualitative informations obtained from little sample

In-depth replies possible

Observation improves truth

The possible deepened responses.


Peoples non at place

Interviewer prejudice

Can be slow & A ; clip devouring

Postal studies

Mailing or administering door to door a written questionnaire to a sample of purchasers for their completion at place or at work.


No travel disbursals so economic if good return rate

No interviewer prejudice

Anonymous returns


Take longer

Have tob e short

Low response rate

Telephone Surveies

Involves the interviewer reaching the mark respondent and inquiring them inquiry and recording responses.


Easy to administrate


Questions can be modified


Professional interviewers are expensive

Invasion of privateness

Telephone charges can be high

Not everyone has a telephone so non representative of the population

Focus Groups

A treatment between six to eight persons with the purpose to bring forth qualitative informations on the subject being discussed. The subject may be their sentiments on a new merchandise the organisation wishes to present. The individual who monitors the group is called the moderator.


Generates information helpful in structuring consumer questionnaires.

Provides background information on merchandise

Secure feeling on new merchandise constructs


The group may hold one or some dominant people within it who may really deter some other group member to do a full part.

Difficult for moderator to disrupt one time a treatment gets traveling

Bias from menderator

The constructs of selling explained and compared with illustrations from more than one organisation

Nokia phone

Nokia is sing selling and selling construct. They have the quality merchandise around 150 states and passing to a great extent on publicities. That ‘s why we say that there ‘re sing selling construct. They ‘re besides sing selling construct because they foremost understood the demands and wants of the clients. They launched colour cell phone so cell phone with cameras and Television.

Form & A ; clip public-service corporation

We ‘ll take the illustration of nomadic phones that are produced it really popular of the company. When they launched their first nomadic phone, it was so heavy and large. Then they introduce some new Mobiles with low weight with little size harmonizing to the demands of the client. Now they have to introduced thin Mobile phones which are really low weight and little size and every bit good as new maps and characteristics. Accessories of all the parts of Nokia are besides easy available. Every clip, the merchandises are available in the market.

Information public-service corporation

As the company is now Multinational concern, they spend a batch in advertisement. They introduce and inform their clients through print media and electronic media.

Image public-service corporation

The utility of image of Nokia is merely the quality and long life merchandises. They use less testimonies in their advertizements. Whenever you say Nokia, the individual would hold the image of quality cell phones and accoutrements.

Possession public-service corporation

Nokia merchandises are divided into three classs. The low monetary value with limited maps, medium and expensive with powerful tools. Everyone can possess their merchandises harmonizing to their ability. But in Pakistan, people uses Nokia whether it is used and new. Nokia knows the demands that will fulfill its clients. The portion of the selling scheme of the concern is giving solutions to its consumers on its demand sing the nomadic services they need non merely in house but besides in their concern and to the other facet of their lives.

Nestle Milkpak

Nestle milkpack is sing selling oriented construct. They are bring forthing hygienic milk to carry through the demands of human organic structure. We said it selling oriented because they focus on quality and want to inform their clients efficaciously about their merchandise.

Form public-service corporation

The first thing is that when they launched their milk, it was little in size. Its size harmonizing to the Milkpak company is ( 250ml ) like ticker on the right side. Then they identified the demand of milk more measure, so they decided to establish another battalion that looks like a square with more milk ( 500ml ) as shown in the figure.

Topographic point public-service corporation

Nestle milkpak is a available on about all the general shops and departmental shops of the state anytime. You can easy travel and purchase the milk whenever you want.

Time public-service corporation

It is ever available in the market. Customer do n’t hold to hustle for this merchandise.

Information public-service corporation

As the company is now transnational company, they spend a batch in advertisement. They inform their client through print media and electronic media.

Image public-service corporation

Whenever a individual thinks about it, it gives the sense of pureness. It ‘s motto is besides similar pureness is everything they show the pure milk and whiteness in their advertizements.

Bovenkant formulier

Undertaking 02

Macro or micro environments and the influence on selling examined

Micro Environmental Factors

These are internal factors near to the company that have a direct impact on the administrations scheme. These factors include:


Administrations survive on the footing of run intoing the demands, A demands and providing advantages for their clients. Failure to make so will ensue in a spoilt concern scheme.


Using the right staff and maintaining these staff motivated is an indispensable portion of the strategic planning procedure of an administration. Training and development drama a particular indispensable function in service sector marketing in-order to derive aA competitory edge.A This is clearly evident in the sector of the commercial air power.


Addition in natural stuff monetary values will hold a knock on affect on the selling mix scheme of an administration. The monetary values may be forced up as a consequence. More near the dealingss of provider are at alone way to vouch competitory and the quality merchandises for an organisation.


As the administration demand greater inward investing for growing they face increasing force per unit area to travel from private belongings to the public.A Nevertheless this motion unleashes the forces of stockholder force per unit area on the scheme of administrations. Satisfying stockholder demands may ensue in a alteration in tactics employed by an administration.


Positive or unfavorable media attending on an administrations merchandise or service can in some instances make or interrupt an administration. The consumer programmes with a wider and more direct audience can besides hold a really powerful and positive impact, coercing administrations to alter their tactics.


The name of the game in selling is distinction. What advantage can the administration offer that is better so their rivals. Can they back up this distinction over a period of clip from their rivals? . Competitor anlaysis and monitoring is important if an administration is to keep its place within the market.A

Micro Environmental Factor/Stakeholder Analysis

Onderkant formulier

The macro-environment

This includes all factors that can act upon and the organisation, but that is of their direct control. A company does non by and large act upon any Torahs. It is continuously altering, and the company needs to be flexible to accommodate. There may be aggressive competition and competition in a market. The globalisation means that there is ever the menace of replacement merchandises and new entrants. The wider environment is besides of all time altering, and the seller needs to counterbalance for alterations in civilization, political relations, economic sciences and engineering.

PESTEL Analysis


The political environment includes revenue enhancement policy, authorities stableness and foreign trade ordinances.


The economic environment includes involvement rates, rising prices, concern rhythms, unemployment, disposable income and energy handiness and cost.

Socio and Culture

The social/cultural environment includes population demographics, societal mobility, income distribution, lifestyle alterations, attitudes to work and leisure, degrees of instruction and consumerism.

Technological Factors

The technological environment is influenced by authorities disbursement on research, new finds and development, authorities and industry focal point of technological attempt, velocity of technological transportation and rates of obsolescence.


The environment, sometimes merely referred to as ‘the environment ‘ , considers ways in which the organisation can bring forth its goods or services with minimal environmental harm.


The legal environment screens influences such as revenue enhancement employment jurisprudence, monopoly statute law and environmental protection Torahs.

Porter ‘s five forces

New Entrants

New entrants to an industry can raise the degree of competition, thereby cut downing its attraction. The menace of new entrants mostly depends on the barriers to entry. High entry barriers exist in some industries whereas other industries are really easy to come in.

Economicss of graduated table

Brand identify

Capital requirenment

authorities policy

Menace of replacement merchandises

The presence of replacement merchandises can take down industry attraction & A ; profitableness because they limit degrees. The thereat of replacement merchandises depends on

Relative monetary value public presentation of replacements

Switch overing costs

Buyer leaning to substitue

Dickering power of providers

Suppliers are the concern that supply stuffs & A ; other merchandises into the industry. The cost of point bought from providers can hold a important impact on a company ‘s profitableness. If providers have high bargaining power over a company, so in theory the company ‘s industry is less attractive. The dickering power of providers will be high when

There are many purchasers and few dominant providers

There are uniform extremely valued merchandises

Buyers do non endanger to incorporate backwards into supply

Competitive Competition

The strength of competition between rivals in an industry will depend on

Industry growing

Fixed costs

Switch overing costs

Corporate bets

Exit barriers

Dickering power of purchaser

Buyers are the people/ organisations who create demand in an industry. The dickering power of purchasers is greater when

There are few dominant purchasers and many Sellerss in the industry

Merchandises are standardised

Buyers threaten to incorporate backward into the industry

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats ( SWOT ) .

SWOT analysis is a tool for scrutinizing an organisation and its environment. It is the first phase of planning and helps sellers to concentrate on cardinal issues. SWOT stands for strengths, failings, chances, and menaces. Strengths and failings are internal factors. Opportunities and menaces are external factors.

Internal factors


Your specializer selling expertness.

A new, advanced merchandise or service.

Location of your concern.

Quality procedures and processs.

Any other facet of your concern that adds value to your merchandise or service.


Lack of selling expertness.

Undifferentiated merchandises or services ( i.e. in relation to your rivals ) .

Location of your concern.

Poor quality goods or services.

Damaged repute.

External factors


A developing market such as the Internet.

Amalgamations, joint ventures or strategic confederations.

Traveling into new market sections that offer improved net incomes.

A new international market.

A market vacated by an uneffective rival.


A new rival in your place market.

Monetary value wars with rivals.

A rival has a new, advanced merchandise or service.

Rivals have superior entree to channels of distribution.

Tax is introduced on your merchandise or service.

Market cleavage

The people are different and seek different manners to fulfill their demands, about all the organisations, whether for-profits or nonprofit organizations, industrial or consumer, domestic or international, must utilize a Market Segmentation to aim selling.A company can non function everyone in wide markets such as soft drinks and computing machines because the clients are excessively legion and diverse in their purchasing demands. This is why successful sellers look for specific market sections that they can function more efficaciously.

To successfully aim markets utilizing a cleavage attack, the organisations should

engage in to following three-steps procedure.

To Identify sections in the general market

Choose the sections that fits best with the organisation ‘s aims and ends

Develop a selling scheme that entreaties to the choose mark market ( s )

It is widely thought in marketing that than cleavage is an art, non a scientific discipline

The cardinal undertaking is to happen the variable, or variables that split the market into actionable sections

There are two types of cleavage variables:

( 1 ) Needs

( 2 ) Profilers

The basic standards for sectioning a market are client demands. To happen the demands of clients in a market, it is necessary to set about market research.

Profilers are the descriptive, mensurable client features ( such as location, age, nationality, gender, income ) that can be used to inform a cleavage exercising.

The most common profilers used in client cleavage include the followers:

Profiler Examples


Geographic cleavage calls for spliting the market into different geographical units

such as states, provinces, parts, metropoliss, or vicinities. The company can

operate in one or a few geographic countries or run in all but pay attending to local


Eg- Starbucks offers more sweets and larger java stores in south US, where clients

tend to get subsequently in the twenty-four hours and remain longer.

Region of the state

Urban or rural


In demographic cleavage, the market is divided into groups on the footing of age and

the other variables. This is the most popular consumer cleavage method because that

consumer wants, penchants, and usage rates are frequently associated with demographic

variables besides these are easier to mensurate.

Age and life-cycle stage- Consumer wants and abilities change with age. However, age and life rhythm can be slippery variables.


Procter and Gamble tooth coppice for different age groups.

Anchor Milk pulverization for assorted age groups

HNB Senior Citizens Scheme

Gender – Dividing a market into different groups based on gender. Gender cleavage

has long been applied in vesture, hairstyling, cosmetics, and magazines. Occasionally other sellers notice an chance for gender cleavage.

Income-Income cleavage is a long-standing pattern in such classs as

cars, boats, vesture, cosmetics, and travel. Example General Motors – Highly engineered German imports in the luxry market Korean theoretical accounts in the economic category

Behavioral cleavage

In behavioral cleavage, purchasers are divided into groups on the footing of their cognition of, attitude toward, usage of, or response to a merchandise. Many markets believe that

Behavioral variables



User position

Use rate

Loyalty position

Buyer- preparedness phase


Consumers may be divided by personality traits ( Valuess and Life Style Options – VALS ) , attitudes, sentiments, penchants, and perceptual experiences.

Social category

Life manner type

Personality type

Buyer behaviour- stimulus-response theoretical account

A well developed and tested theoretical account of purchaser behavior is known as the stimulus-response theoretical account, which is summarized in the diagram below

In the above theoretical account, selling and other stimulations enter the clients black box and bring forth certain responses. Marketing direction must seek to work out what goes on the in the head of the customer- the black box. The purchaser ‘s features act upon how he or she perceives the stimulation the determination doing procedure determines what purchasing behavior is undertaken. Features that affect client behaviour the first phase of understanding purchaser behavior is to concentrate on the factors that determine he purchaser features in the black box. These can be summarised as follows.

Buyers ‘ Product Adoption Process


Buyers become cognizant of the merchandise


Buyers seek information and is receptive to larning about merchandise


Buyers consider merchandise benefits and determines whether to seek it


Buyers examine, trial or seek the merchandise to find usefulness comparative to demands


Buyers purchase the merchandise and can be expected to utilize it when the demand for the general type of merchandise arises.

Rate of acceptance depends on consumer traits every bit good as the merchandise and the house ‘s selling attempts.

Targeting scheme determinations

market adulthood

diverseness of purchasers ‘ demands and penchants

strength of the competition

the volume of gross revenues required for profitableness

cleavage, aiming and positioning schemes evaluated for the chosen organisation


Word broad, the BMW group is one of the most successful multi-brand premium auto maker in the car industry. The rolls- Royce apparition holds the figure one place in the super-luxury auto section. Furthermore, BMW is the lone car maker possessing three non-overlapping premium auto trade names in its portfolio. The BMW group on an mean spends around x % of its grosss on R & A ; D, which is one of the highest in the industry.


BMW ‘s heavy cost German base might impact the profitableness of the company in the long tally as more and more rivals shift merchandise development activities to take down cost states. BMW might be forced to negociate a manner to keep cost fight and its repute for German technology excellence.


The enlargement of the European Union ( EU ) to XX states from Twenty states in the month of May 2004, converted the EU into the universe ‘s biggest trading axis with a combined population of around million. This offers chances for BMW to leverage its strong European place in the premium auto section to earn more market portion across new and turning markets. BMW ‘s conjunct raids into the Chinese luxury auto market portends to an addition in the net incomes of the company over the coming old ages. China already ranks as the 3rd largest market for BMW ‘s 7 Series luxury limousines. BMW predicts that robust growing will put China among the company ‘s seven largest markets in a few more old ages. This is a important betterment over the 12th place held by the Chinese market for BMW in 2002.


The go oning diminution of the dollar against the euro threatens to undersell BMW ‘s topline thereby annealing its profitableness. The lifting monetary value of natural stuffs such as steel threatens to countervail the company ‘s net incomes.

The BMW sections public presentation

The consequence of ordinary concern activity in the BMW Automobile section was up by 5.1 % to 2.106 million euro. Generated by BMW car ROI has increased from 20.46 % in 1998 to 20.83 % in 1999. this subdivision besides generates the highest net incomes on gross revenues 8.56 % in 1999.

Gross saless in BMW Motorcycles section rose significantly by 17.8 % to 769 million euro. This allowed an betterment of the operating consequence up by 12.5 % comparing to the old twelvemonth.

Gross saless in the Rover Automobiles was up by 2 % over the old twelvemonth to 8368 million euro. The losingss in the Rover Automobiles due to the market conditions & A ; currency effects were up by 250 million euro to 1207 million euro or 26.1 % .The ROI beads from – 16.77 % in 1998 to- 19.23 % in 1999. The return on gross revenues diminutions from -11.30 % in 1998 to – 13.975 in 1999.

The BMW sections public presentation


gross revenues

consequence from ordinary

BMW section

million euro

million euro

coach. activities, mil. euro







BMW cars







Rover cars







BMW bikes







Financial Services







The BMW sections ratios



BMW section

on investing, %

on gross revenues, %





BMW cars

20.83 %

20.46 %

8.56 %

9.11 %

Rover cars

-19.23 %

-16.77 %

-13.97 %

-11.30 %

BMW bikes

5.75 %

5.28 %

2.34 %

2.45 %

Financial Services

1.54 %

1.95 %

5.14 %

5.16 %

The Financial Services division was successful ; gross revenues increased by 6.6 % to 6 153 million euro. The consequence in this section of the BMW Group increased by 6 % to 316 million euro.

Undertaking 03

Four variables of the selling mix


It must supply value to a client but does non hold to be touchable at the same clip. Basically, it involves presenting new merchandises or improvizing the bing merchandises. The term ‘product ‘ refers to touchable merchandises every bit good as services. Here are some exampled of the merchandise determinations to be made some illustrations

Brand name





Repairs and support


Monetary value

Pricing must be competitory and must imply net income. The pricing scheme can consist price reductions, offers and the similar.

Pricing scheme

Suggested retail monetary value

Seasonal pricing

Price flexibleness

Monetary value favoritism

Cash and early payment price reductions

Topographic point

It refers to the topographic point where the clients can purchase the merchandise and how the merchandise reaches out to that topographic point. This is done through different channels, like Internet, jobbers and retail merchants.


Distribution centres

Order processing

Inventory direction

Transportation system

Market coverage


It includes the assorted ways of pass oning to the clients of what the company has to offer. It is about pass oning about the benefits of utilizing a peculiar merchandise or service instead than merely speaking about its characteristics.


Gross saless publicities

Public dealingss & A ; promotion

Marketing communications budget

Promotional scheme ( push, pull, etc )

Drawn-out selling mix variable examined independently


An indispensable ingredient to any proviso of service is the usage of appropriate staff and people. Enrolling the right staff and developing them suitably in the bringing of their service is indispensable if the administration wants to obtain a signifier of competitory benefits. The consumers make judgements and present perceptual experiences of the service based on the employees they interact with. Staff should hold the appropriate interpersonal accomplishments, attitude, and service cognition to supply the service that consumers are paying for. Many British administrations aim to use for the Investors In People accreditation, which tells consumers that staff are taken attention off by the company and they are trained to certain criterions.


Refers to the systems that used to helpt the administration to present the service. Imagine you walk into Burger King and you order a Whopper Meal and you get it delivered within 2 proceedingss. What was the procedure that allowed you to obtain an efficient service bringing? Banks that send out Credit Cards automatically when their clients old one has expired once more require an efficient procedure to place expiry day of the months and reclamation. An efficient service that replaces old recognition cards will further consumer trueness and assurance in the company.

Physical ( grounds )

Where is the service being delivered? Physical Evidence is the component of the service mix which allows the consumer once more to do judgements on the administration. If you walk into a eating house your outlooks are of a clean, friendly environment. On an aircraft if you travel first category you expect adequate room to be able to put down!

Physical grounds is an indispensable ingredient of the service mix, consumers will do perceptual experiences based on their sight of the service proviso which will hold an impact on the administrations perceptual program of the service.



The drawn-out selling mix of the organisation analysed for the organisation


The most of import component in the selling mix is the company ‘s merchandise because this provide the utile demands required by clients. For illustration: a auto that does non get down in the forenoon will non be like by consumers. Selling directors develop their merchandises into trade names that help to make a individual place in the heads of clients. The present theoretical accounts are:

BMW 5series- Sedan, Touring

BMW 6series- Coupe, Convertible

BMW 7series- Sedan

BMW Z4-Roadster


Monetary value

BMW monetary value scopes are from about 16000 to 60000 asset. There are many factors that can impact their auto monetary values such as engine size, motor athletics versions, etc. allow ‘s take an illustration of the pricing scheme that has been used by BMW for the 3-series is competition oriented pricing. Most of the research shows that all other rival such as VW Audi, Alfa Romeo and etc. in the 3-series market is based around the same monetary value. This is because the auto industry is big and production costs are non so of import and making the largest net incomes is non every bit necessary as it would be for a smaller company.

3 series

Monetary value


Priced from 21035


Priced from 25955


Priced from 30915


Priced from 22215


BMW usage superior market franchises & A ; imports for non-dealer networked states they have four auto fabrication workss in the UK. There are more than 156 traders in the UK who are franchised to sell BMW autos, to boot 148 traders are franchised to sell Minis. Worldwide BMW operate in more than 100 different states with about 4000 plus traders which are authorised to sell both new and used autos, parts and after gross revenues service merchandises.

Pattern of distribution for BMW is shown below in the diagram which is followed by the company

Manufacturer Traders Consumers


BMW has ever foused wholly on their autos with same advertisement company, WCRS being the used since 1979. A wide scope of advertisement is used by this bureau such as telecasting for branding runs and new auto launches, the imperativeness with Tablold weekend coloring material addendums, regional publications and magazines, out-of-door runs, gross revenues literature, booklets, etc.

Undertaking 04

Ansoff ‘s Product/Market Matrix

Market Penetration

Here we market our bing merchandises to our bing clients. This means increasing our gross by, for illustration, advancing the merchandise, shifting the trade name, and so on. However, the merchandise is non altered and we do non seek any new clients.

Market Development

Here we market our bing merchandise scope in a new market. This means that the merchandise remains the same, but it is marketed to a new audience. Exporting the merchandise, or marketing it in a new part, are illustrations of market development.

Merchandise Development

This is a new merchandise to be marketed to our bing clients. Here we develop and innovate new merchandise offerings to replace bing 1s. Such merchandises are so marketed to our bing clients. This frequently happens with the car markets where bing theoretical accounts are updated or replaced and so marketed to bing clients.


This is where we market wholly new merchandises to new clients. There are two types of variegation, viz. related and unrelated variegation. Related variegation means that we remain in a market or industry with which we are familiar. For illustration, a soup maker diversifies into cake industry ( i.e. the nutrient industry ) . Unrelated variegation is where we have no old industry nor market experience. For illustration a soup maker invests in the rail concern.


Compare the selling mix of merchandise and services

Markets are responsible for finding the types of merchandise and service that will both bring forth satisfied clients, and run into the administrations fiscal or other aims. A merchandise or services have to be the touchable and intangible. Less successful administrations try to develop their merchandise and service until their stableness. They besides try to make trade names for their merchandises and services as portion of the selling mix.

Merchandise may be a physical good or a service but more frequently is a combine of both. A service is a title performed for the purchaser to see instead than ain. Every merchandise provides a basic map that in bend solves a client ‘s job and fills human need.

Servicess have features that separate them from physical merchandise in a figure of practical ways they are:




Perish ability

International selling

At its simplest degree, international selling involves the house in marketing one or more selling mix determinations across national boundaries. Art its most complex degree, it involves the house in set uping fabrication installations overseas and organizing selling schemes across the Earth.

International Promotion

Advertising-in or on newspapers, wireless, telecasting, hoardings, coachs, taxis, or the Internet.

Price promotions-products are being made available temporarily as at a lower monetary value, or some premium ( e.g. , toothbrush with a bundle of toothpaste ) is being offered for free.


Point-of-purchase-the maker wages for excess show infinite in the shop or puts a voucher right by the merchandise

Other method of acquiring the consumer ‘s attention-all the Gap shops in France may profit from the prominence of the new shop located on the Champs-Elysees

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