What is marketing? Who truly knows? In our epoch, most of the people have in their head a different significance of the selling. For me, selling is a mean which pulls the strings of our economic system. The linguistic communication of selling has been borrowed from the military. We talk about defensive selling, violative selling, and guerilla selling. Often overlooked, nevertheless, is flanking, one of the most powerful military schemes.

As for the official significance of the word, selling is:

Selling is the procedure by which companies create client involvement in goods or services. It generates the scheme that underlies gross revenues techniques, concern communicating, and concern developments

Selling is defined by the American Marketing Association ( AMA ) as “ the activity, set of establishments, and processes for making, pass oning, presenting, and interchanging offerings that have value for clients, clients, spouses, and society at big.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing defines selling as “ the direction procedure responsible for placing, expecting and fulfilling client demands productively.

Possibly there are 1000s different significances of selling but in the terminal they are all agreed that it was created to assist the market and the consumers to carry through their demands.


This assignment is to analyse and compare the selling schemes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Both companies are celebrated market leaders in providing cars. The brace has a history of supplying advanced autos for the past century. Over the old ages with the betterment of engineering BMW and Mercedes-Benz have met client demands by bring forthing the most inspiring and good developed autos of their times. The BMW Group concentrates on selected premium sections in the car market. This means that they specialize in supplying a high quality merchandise and in return they can accomplish higher grosss per vehicle sold. In contrast Mercedes-Benz which besides provide to the premium section of the market have concreted their name in history as makers of luxury autos, have opened their doors to a scope of more dynamic theoretical accounts aiming the somewhat younger market. Mercedes ‘s most powerful rival has long been BMW. The two companies ‘ selling schemes seemed to mirror one another in the 1990s. Therefore in 1996, Mercedes signed a trade to advance its vehicles in Universal Pictures ‘ The Lost World, but it was several old ages behind BMW, which in 1995 made an understanding to have its vehicles in the James Bond movie Goldeneye.

More of import was an overall displacement by both companies in response to the rise of Nipponese luxury vehicles such as Lexus and the Acura Legend. Farrell reported in Brandweek, “ With repricing and repositioning-advertising messages emphasize more value alternatively of luxury-Germany ‘s two luxury leaders, Mercedes and BMW, are on the violative aˆ¦ Both have rebounded with a reversal of selling schemes that include new, lower-priced merchandises and even ads that tout monetary value. ” Nonetheless, of the two makers, “ Mercedes has made the more drastic alterations. ”


Bayerische Motoren Werke AG ( BMW ) , or Bavarian Motor Works, is a German car, bike and engine fabrication company founded in 1913 with the formation of the Rapp-Motorenwerke company by Karl Rapp. The house were engaged in the production of aircraft engines from a former bike mill located near Munich. It was near to this works that Gustav Otto established the Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG aircraft mill and in 1922 these two administrations merged to organize BMW. The letters stand for: Bayerische Motoren Werke.

In their early old ages BMW produced chiefly aircraft engines, but besides some bike engines. In fact the BMW badge is supposed to resemble a spinning aircraft propellor. It was n’t until 1928 when BMW bought a auto mill at Eisenach/Thuringia that BMW began bring forthing autos. Along with the mill they bought the licence to bring forth a little auto called the Dixi. It was in 1936 that BMW introduced the type 328 runabout which rapidly became the most successful athleticss auto of the clip. The type 328 runabout accumulated a figure of esteemed wins on the racing circuit and was nominated as auto of the century in 1999.

BMW ‘s engagement in aircraft engine production during WWII led to a 3 twelvemonth prohibition on production at the terminal of the war. It was n’t until 1949 that they were able to return to production which they did with the 250cc R24 bike.

It was in 1951 that BMW introduced a broad, 6-cylinder saloon called the 501. This was followed by the 502 which featured a lightweight metal V8 engine. Later in the fiftiess they began bring forthing the BMW 507, a lightweight, V8 propelled athleticss auto. This was the vehicle they hoped would resuscitate the featuring success they ‘d achieved with the 328 runabout. But this was n’t to be. They were losing money on every 507 that was produced and so production stopped in 1960.

Besides during the 1950s BMW bought the design and fabrication rights to the Isetta which was to go one of the most successful microcars in the station WWII old ages. It was a clip when cheap, short distance transit was much needed and the 2-seater, with an economical 250cc engine, fit the demands nicely. Manufacturing rights for the Isetta were sold to assorted production companies around the universe and these included the British Railways plants in Brighton, UK.

The 1960s saw BMW basking a figure of noteworthy successes including the BMW 1500 which was a 1499cc, four cylinder touring saloon introduced in 1961. This was the first of the modern BMW athleticss saloons. They went on to bring forth a series of popular saloons including the celebrated BMW 2002. This was a 2-door saloon that had been based upon the 4-door 1600. The 2002 was to be the precursor of the BMW 3 series and production of this successful theoretical account continued until 1976.

By the 1970s BMW had cemented their repute as an advanced car fabricating company. The 70s saw the debut of the 3-tier athleticss saloon scope dwelling of the 3-series, 5-series and the 7-series. Between 1970 and 1993 BMW auto production quadrupled and turnover increased by 1700 % .

The 1990s, after 1994, saw BMW take ownership of the British Rover Group. This was non a successful venture and in 2000 BMW disposed of Rover.

Today ‘s ‘beemers ‘ have retained their extremely esteemed repute for quality and dependability. The company are taking stairss to cut down the impact they and their motor autos have upon the environment so we can anticipate to see more advanced and exciting developments from the motor auto company who have non merely survived two universe wars and a monolithic depression, but thrived.


BMW selling targeted clients between the ages of 25 and 45 who were new to the luxury auto market, however without estranging their current client base. The client base of BMW was 46-year-old male, married with no kids, and had a average income of approximately $ 150,000. More significantly, the Internet was used by 85 % of clients before purchasing a BMW ( Hespos, 2002 ) . “ Uniting the thoughts of bring forthing a series of short movies and utilizing the Internet in an advertisement run, short movies for the Internet was born with BMW Films ” ( Hespos, 2002 ) .The luxury car shaper that has established a grade for itself in the luxury auto section with its high public presentation autos. BMW is a powerful trade name that is genuinely experienced by auto lovers all over the universe as a symbol of public presentation, power and luxury, all combined into its power packed machines that are treat to watch, thrust, and possess. That ‘s why, it is genuinely known as the “ Ultimate drive Machine ” .

BMW ‘s tighter feel and enhanced reactivity gave drivers the sense they were in complete control, something no other trade name of car offered. This handling advantage was greatly appreciated by athleticss auto aficionados and auto partisans.


BMW has many different schemes of selling. One of these schemes is the support of its trader web. This succeeds merely through a scope of actions.

Dedicated Dealer Marketing Service which assists with all selling demands for illustration:

Local advertisement for merchandise scope

Support for local publicities

National publicities

Hire of promotional equipment for trader events

Image library which stocks assorted images available for traders to utilize when making their ain selling communications such as cusps, invitations and direct mail.

Educational stuffs

Furthermore, there is a Continuous Customer Contacts Program ( CCCP ) with the aim of increased client trueness and satisfaction.

BMW besides focuses on a great scope of advertisement. One thing that all BMW adverts have in common is that they focus wholly on the autos.

On Television there are many branding runs and new auto launches. Some Television musca volitanss depict stereotyped corporate-cog executives who squelch creativeness and enterprise. “ Beware of the compromisers ” . They say things like, “ Choose your conflicts ” , or “ Is this thought truly deserving falling on your blade for? ” Subsequently, the repeating message throughout the run comes in, “ At BMW, thoughts are everything ” .

Radio stigmatization runs ( 2002 was the first twelvemonth that BMW used wireless for national advertisement ) besides uses. It does non be given to be used at a national degree, although may be used regionally.

As for the imperativeness, Color imperativeness is listed, for illustration: Tatler, Vogue, lifestyle magazines, driving publications, circular newspapers and tabloid newspaper weekend colour addendums. Black & A ; white: national imperativeness.

In add-on to higher profile national advertisement, traders besides run their ain local runs through:

Local imperativeness


Bus advertizements

At the film, screens normally show short movies. Other ways of advertisement includes supply of gross revenues literature, booklets, direct selling, monetary value lists and point of sale stuffs. Finally, other methods BMW usage to advance its trade names and merchandises:

Merchandise Placement

BMW Art Car Collection


These and many others are the selling schemes of BMW in order to heighten its market portion. As for Mercedes-Benzaˆ¦aˆ¦ .


The roots of Daimler-Benz went back to the 1880s and laminitiss Carl Benz and Gottfried Daimler, whose separate companies became one in 1926. Besides the two Germans, an of import early figure was Austrian banker Emile Jellinek, who in 1897 became a Daimler board member. Jellinek offered a assortment of utile selling advice and suggested a auto with an engine to the forepart, “ because that was where the Equus caballus used to be. ” After sketching a type of race driver that he wanted built, he promised to buy 36 of them, a ample order at a clip when few people had even ridden in an car. In return he asked that Daimler call the auto after his one-year-old girl, Mercedes.

The auto, introduced in 1900, had a top velocity of 30 stat mis per hr, which at that clip made it one of the fastest vehicles on the route. But a Mercedes could travel much, much faster, and merely nine old ages subsequently its makers built a particular Benz capable of making 141 stat mis per hr. In the economic turbulence that followed World War I, Daimler ‘s and Benz ‘s companies joined forces as Daimler-Benz AG, founded in 1926. Its symbol was a three-pointed star, which reportedly symbolized air, land, and sea-arenas in which Daimler engines dominated.

During World War II, Daimler-Benz became associated with the Nazi government. Hitler had several theoretical accounts specially built for his usage, and the company turned to bring forthing airplane engines and military vehicles for the Third Reich. But it recovered rapidly from the war and in the 1950s established itself as a maker of luxury saloons in Europe and America.


In 1993, Rosemarie Totzauer reported in Brandweek, “ Mercedes is trying to reinvent itself, to germinate from a company long defined entirely by its gas-guzzling luxury saloons and athleticss autos. The born-again Mercedes will offer a broader, more complete line of vehicles for the quickly altering, more complex, higher hazard luxury section aˆ¦ Mercedes-Benz, therefore, has to pitch itself for a metabolism into a company known for value and a diverseness of vehicle constructs instead than for the prestigiousness of the three-pointed star. ”

These words, occasioned by the displacement in mottos from the old “ Engineered Like No Other Car in the World. ” created by McCaffrey and McCall, to the new “ Sacrifice Nothing, ” gave a compendious statement of the company ‘s changed selling policy, The mark market had broadened, and so had the Mercedes lines. The latter now included the C category, which replaced the one hundred ninety series as a merchandise for the low terminal of the market ; the E category, a mid-size luxury auto ; the S category, for the high-end luxury vehicles that had antecedently comprised the sum sum of the company ‘s merchandise ; and the SL for athleticss autos.

Although, as Fara Warner wrote in Brandweek in 1994, “ Mercedes is still considered an sole luxury auto for white males, ” the company sought “ to broaden its entreaty with value monetary values and new merchandises. ” Greg Farrell, composing in the same publication a twelvemonth subsequently, offered a compelling illustration of the consequence produced by the displacement in mark market: “ Maria Pestonit, a 28 year-old Miami computing machine adviser, did n’t like her first three autos aˆ¦ [ and ] after three public presentation autos, luxury struck her illusion. Mercedes may hold hooked her for life with its C280, bing about $ 34,000. ‘My household had a Mercedes. But that was my parents ‘ auto, ‘ she said. ‘I thought I could ne’er make that. ‘ ”


Mercedes Benz selling scheme was one time centered on the safety, luxury, and preciseness technology of its autos, but due to increase competition in the luxury auto industry and altering consumer attitudes about the Mercedes Benz trade name that scheme has changed. Now their selling scheme is more life manner oriented and is focused more on showing the more fun loving, accessible, and energetic side of Mercedes Benz. The development of Mercedes Benz ‘s selling scheme can be straight connected to the enlargement of its mark market, which now includes individuals twenty five to forty five old ages old every bit good as its initial marks the babe boomers. In order to supply superior client value to its mark market Mercedes Benz has found it necessary to spread out its merchandise line up, supply more competitory monetary values, addition communications with its mark market, maintain handiness to consumers, and go on its first-class client service.

The selling scheme of Mercedes-Benz is short of the same as BMW. More specifically, Mercedes spends a large sum for advertisement runs.

Mercedes-Benz launches an international advertisement run on the subject of sustainability. The first printed advertizements utilizing the new trade name design will have the E 300 BLUETEC to be launched in Germany in December 2007.

Furthermore, four different print ads will be placed in all large-circulation magazines in Germany, running in analogue with a Television commercial and an online run. The sustainability run will so be extended in mid-2008 to include extra vehicles and developments related to Mercedes-Benz ‘ activities which are combined under the header ‘True Blue Solutions ‘ .

“ In our selling run on sustainability we promote advanced engineerings for environmentally sound mobility such as the BLUETEC emanation intervention system, which Mercedes-Benz offers to its clients as the universe ‘s cleanest Diesel, ” says Dr. Klaus Maier, Executive Vice President of Mercedes.

Mercedes ‘ new selling run stresses safety over luxury. This is n’t surprising since the fiscal crisis has reversed consumer precedences. It ‘s now frowned upon to boast about purchasing the most epicurean auto. Alternatively the most popular cat is the 1 who gets the most deserving for every bit small money as possible spent on a new auto.

Mercedes-Benz is now apportioning 50 % of its UK selling budget to digital media, harmonizing to its VP for trade name communications, Anders Sundt Jensen.The kineticss of the UK market and the advanced consumer behaviour in the UK meant the automotive trade name was already apportioning half of its budget to digital, good in front of other European districts where the company was far from apportioning even 40 % .The key to the company ‘s success online was the creative activity of specialist expertness within the company. “ We do n’t hold normal sellers merely making on-line ads, or merely seting our Television ads online, ” Anders Sundt Jensen said. “ We have a whole section, for illustration, at our central office in Germany merely making digital selling. ”

Besides, one of the selling schemes of Mercedes-Benz followed is to get down advancing some of its autos on IPhone and Facebook.

Another selling action than gave a measure frontward to Mercedes-Benz is the publicity of a series of A«green carsA» . Mercedes-Benz brings to the market intercrossed autos that are environmental friendly.

To sum up, the key that makes Mercedes-Benz a powerful rival in the market is the below:

Delightful client attention

Retail web ready for the hereafter

Efficient, integrated procedures and systems

Gross saless and Marketing MBC

Product Price Place Promotion People Processes

Absolutely positioned trade name and effectual selling

Intriguing merchandises

Motivated, qualified employees

Effective market incursion


Undoubtedly, BMW and Mercedes-Benz were, are and ever be two wallopers. Their selling schemes are about the same. Their advertisement runs, the television and wireless musca volitanss, the costumiers services etc. The difference between them and the ground why they are both particular is their mark market and their market place, what they want their clients to retrieve about them.

BMW focuses to immature clients aged 25 to 45 and it promotes the slogan A«Ultimate drive machineA» . It entreaties to those who want to hold the sense they were in complete control.

On the other manus, Mercedes-Benz is still considered an sole luxury auto for white males, but now decides to broaden its entreaty with value monetary values and new merchandises. It entreaties to those who love luxury and safe autos but non excessively expensive.

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