What caused the recall of Toyota Motors

This study was built as existent research proposal study. First, research introduced the background of job which had to be researched. In this state of affairs, background trade with Singaporean market. Second, research will reexamine client ‘s demand and put up definition and aim of job clearly. After acknowledging exact demands, research starts research design and aggregation method. Those parts depict how research designs the research ; which method is suited ; how and where staff attack with respondent. After that, the portion analysis informations explain to the direction which plan was used in the study to happen the consequence. However, costs in footings of money and clip are really of import portion. Besides, research worker had to cipher clip table and budget all research ‘s procedure to the direction. Last portion, research worker must demo to the direction how is the rate dependability and cogency of research.

2. Background

Harmonizing to Google Finance ( 2009 ) , Toyota Motor conducts its concern in bring forthing and selling cars, fiscal service, and edifice automatons. This company possesses four trade names which are Toyota ( including the Scion ) , Lexus, Daihatsu and Hino Motors, along with several companies ( such as fiscal service, lodging, Gazoo, etc ) .

Bing known ad the agent of Toyota Motors Corporation ( Borneo Motors ( 2010 ) , About us ) , Borneo Motors – a today ‘s prima auto distributer in Singapore, with 1 out of every Singaporean auto proprietors taking it as their trust spouse based on the latest Motor Traders ‘ Association statistics – its groundbreaking relationship with Toyota Motor Corporation began in 1967 so that triping a success that surpassed all outlooks. Addressing this issue, Borneo Motors aims to supply non merely the best scope of vehicles to take but besides antiphonal client service and island-wide installations for the clients all the manner.

3. Research job

Harmonizing to Appendix, there will be more than 5,000 autos in Singapore could be affected by Toyota Motor ‘s latest callback of close to 1.6 million vehicles worldwide. The inquiry posed to Borneo Motors is what caused this event to go on. The consequence is decently resulted from repairing faulty engine oil hoes that could develop pinhole leaks with age. Next, if the client have left unattended, the leaks could decline and take to engine harm.

Acknowledging the symptom which is the consequence of autos in Singapore by Toyota Motor ‘s latest callback of close to 1.6 million vehicles on the universe caused by the pinhole leaks Borneo Motors – Marketing Department decided to carry on a selling research survey to understand client ‘s perceptual experiences and reactions to toward the engine could be harm which will impact their buying determination every bit good as to better their services to clients ‘ penchants.

4. Research aim

Addressing the job, Borneo Motors – Selling Manager sets a mark of increasing the net income after revenue enhancement to 10 % comparing with that in 2009 by the twelvemonth 2010. In order to accomplish this aim, the replies of the research are desired to the undermentioned inquiries:

How to custom-make Borneo Motors ‘s services to accommodate the mark clients ‘ penchants?

What are the motives of purchasing Toyota Motor ‘s merchandises of clients?

What is the outlook ( s ) of clients about Toyota Motors ‘ auto and Borneo Motor ‘s service?

What is the perceptual experience ( s ) of client toward the job of Toyota ‘s autos?

Which other car agent ( s ) do clients take besides Borneo Motors?

How do clients happen about the other company agents ‘ auto?

How much are clients willing to pay for auto?

The results of this research will assist Toyota Motors and particularly Borneo Motors have a clear image about client ‘s perceptual experiences and outlooks of its merchandises and services. Furthermore, Borneo Motors sets a strategic selling program for its concern to increase 10 % of net income after revenue enhancement by 2010.

5. Research design

Based on the research aim, the appointed research group decides to utilize explorative design. Harmonizing to Alvin C. Burns and Ronald F. Bush ( 2006, p.117 ) , this is the most normally unstructured, informal research which is implemented to derive background information about the general nature of the research job.

Addressing the symptom which is the job, the research group uses the explorative research in order to clear up two jobs which are to understand client ‘s perceptual experiences and reactions to toward the engine could be harm which will impact their buying determination every bit good as to better their services to clients ‘ penchants. In order to happen replies for these jobs, the research group will travel through two following phrases:

+ Secondary information analysis:

Alvin C. Burns and Ronald F. Bush ( 2006, p. 119 ) stated that this is the procedure of seeking for and construing bing information that is relevant to the research aims.

Confronting the menaces in the research job, the appointed research group decides to carry on a secondary information analysis in order to derive penetrations about what affects client behavior in taking autos and client perceptual experience toward Toyota Motors ‘ autos. The types of secondary informations and information to be collected and summarized should include informations related to the undermentioned countries:

Demographic ( population, population growing rate, cultural groups, migration tendencies, gender, age, etc. )

Education ( literacy rate, degree of instruction )

Employment and rewards ( formal and informal )

Driving wont ( frequence of drive, auto types, etc. )

Driving budget ( cheap/ reasonable/ expensive )

Toyota ‘s auto penchant ( dislike/ neutral/ like )

The information will be collected via both on-line and physical media such as magazines, newspapers, forum, blogging, etc. For case, through forum of sgcarmart.com ( Singapore ) , plentifulness of remarks and mentions can be found about autos, and this information reveals perceptual experiences of clients about auto quality, favorite theoretical account autos, etc.

+ Focus group:

Alvin C. Burns and Ronald F. Bush ( 2006, p.120 ) defined focus group as “ little groups of people brought together and guided by a moderator through an unstructured, self-generated treatment for the intent of deriving information relevant to the research objectives. ”

After deriving some general findings about what motivates clients in their determination of taking theoretical accounts of autos and client perceptual experience towards Toyota ‘s autos via secondary informations analysis, a focal point group is conducted in position of what precisely influences clients ‘ determination of taking auto theoretical account and to take the agents ( such as Borneo Motors ) to purchase auto. It is implemented as an initial research to ser up a conceptual diagram which plays a cardinal function in the questionnaire design subsequently on. This focal point group comprises of braces adult female and work forces, each from four different cultural groups, be it the Chinese, Malay, India and Peranakan.

6. Sampling

After finishing the research design, the following measure is to make up one’s mind the sample units and size, sample method and inducements for this research. These stairss are described as follows:


The whole group under survey as specified by the aims of the research undertaking is called a population ( Beginning: Alvin C. Burns and Ronald F. Bush ( 2006 ) , p. 330 ) . The research group bases on the mark of Borneo Motors to find the population for the sample program. Hence, grownups from 22 to 55 plus old ages old are the population of this sample program.

Sample units:

This is a subset of the population which represents that full group ( Beginning: Alvin C. Burns and Ronald F. Bush ( 2006 ) , p. 330 ) .

All clients who buy in Borneo Motors and site visitants who visit its web site will stand a opportunity of being the sample units. However, these clients must fulfill the demands of the population stated above.

Sample method:

Non-probability trying method will be employed for this research. As per defined by Alvin C. Burns and Ronald F. Bush ( 2006, p. 332 ) , “ non-probability samples are samples in which the opportunities ( chance ) of choosing members from the population into the sample are unknown ” .

The research group makes usage of clients who buy auto in Borneo Motors and site visitants who visit its web site to go the sample units. It means that the samples are non chosen in progress, but chosen coincidentally by their visit to either the physical service or the web site. This is called the convenience samples – those drawn at the convenience of the interviewer or research worker ( Beginning: Alvin C. Burns and Ronald F. Bush ( 2006 ) , p. 345 ) . There are some advantages achieved by pulling clients who aware of types of autos ( particularly Toyota ) and even do Borneo Motors as their pick to help them purchase auto as follows:

+The foremost and first advantage to the research group is cost-saving because they do non hold to buy any syndicated services informations for their study. Beside its already-customers who buy autos in Borneo Motors, there is a high opportunity for Borneo Motors to capture possible clients who are its site visitants. It is really of import to prehend these likely-becoming clients by understanding their demands and wants through this study.

+By taking these types of sample units, the research group can leverage on the penchants of those who choose to purchase Toyota autos and consciousness of it site visitants to make the research objectives. The already-customers are able to place the strengths and failings of Boneo Motors as they experienced its autos and services. Meanwhile, the site visitants can be either the already-customers or the possible clients who play a important function in placing chances or tendencies. By utilizing these sample units, Borneo Motors set a end of retaining the current clients every bit good as capturing possible clients who are cognizant of its autos and service.

However, these types of sample units besides pose some disadvantages. The biggest weak point of it is that the study is conducted in the context of trade name consciousness accomplishment. In other words, these sample units are already cognizant or even prefer Toyota autos ; hence, the result of the study will be limited, or it can non outreach to those incognizant or genuinely possible. However, as Borneo Motors reached its adulthood phase in the merchandise life rhythm, it is important that it can retain every bit many as possible the current clients to back up its concern public presentation. Hence, understanding its current clients ‘ demands and wants via the study is its first and first purpose. Then prehending more possible clients by either show them quality of Toyota autos to suite these clients ‘ penchants is the 2nd accomplishment that the research group wants to obtain via this research survey.

Sample size:

The study will be conducted all Boneo Motors ‘ services in Singapore in a period of 17 hebdomads.


Each handed-in study signifier or submitted on-line study signifier will be offered a verifier of free serving clients ‘ auto. The difficult transcript of verifier will be given straight to clients after they submit the signifiers ; and the soft transcript of verifier will be automatically sent to site visitants via their electronic mail reference once they submit the signifier.

7. Data aggregation method

Reliability, sensitiveness, and cogency are the three chief standards for a good measuring of a research ; nevertheless, it is difficult to verify the measurings of the research without statistical information and conclusive findings. Even though qualitative research in the signifier of focal point group uncovers the factors that influence clients ‘ determinations and perceptual experiences in types of autos and auto agent, this sort of research is unable to supply any statistic to analyse and pull decision. Hence, the research group decides to implement a study which is the research utilizing the structured inquiries in which the response options have been predetermined and a big figure of respondents is involved ( Beginning: Alvin C. Burns and Ronald F. Bush ( 2006 ) , p. 202 ) . This study will be conducted utilizing the mixed-mode which is the combination of self-administered and computer-administered studies.

The first method is the self-administered study in which the respondent can make up one’s mind when, where to take the study, and how much clip and attending to pass on making it ( Beginning: Alvin C. Burns and Ronald F. Bush ( 2006 ) , p. 255 ) . In other words, the interview is administered without agent-human or computing machine. A drop-off study in which respondents will have the questionnaire and make full it up by themselves will be implemented.

The 2nd method is the internet-based questionnaire in which the respondents will reply the questionnaire online. This questionnaire will be uploaded onto Borneo Motors ‘ web site for site visitants merely.

One of the grounds why the research group decides to utilize this sort of method is to make a big figure of respondents at the cheapest cost. As the affair of fact that Singapore is a middle-class society ( Beginning: Asia Times Online, 2005 ) , the figure of families which are equipped with computing machines hooked up to web is big. Therefore, online or internet-based study is executable here. Singaporeans ‘ busy-pace life is another ground for the research group to implement both computing machine and self-administered studies which will be done at the respondents ‘ convenience. Furthermore, through these studies, a client database will be set up for farther client relationship direction.

8. Questionnaire design

Alvin C. Burns and Ronald F. Bush ( 2006, p. 300 ) stated that “ a questionnaire is a vehicle used to present the inquiries that the research worker wants respondents to reply ” . Based on the research objectives, a questionnaire is composed for both online and offline study. There are two parts in the study signifier which are the debut and the questionnaire.

8.1 Introduction:

Dear valuable clients and visitants,

Thank you for your support to Borneo Motors. Hope you feel satisfied every bit good as warm, friendly and efficient services.

Borneo Motors has been functioning reliable Toyota ‘s client with quality and measure of autos. However, turn toing the faulty fabrication of Toyota merchandise every bit good as the altering tendency in client ‘s demand, Borneo Motors would wish to carry on this study on clients ‘ perceptual experience of Toyota autos in order to better better our merchandises every bit good as services to suite your demand.

You are chosen because you are interested in Toyota ‘s autos. Your personal information is merely known by the research worker for academic intents, and non divulged to a 3rd party.

We would appreciate that you spend your cherished clip to reply the questionnaire below which will takes you about ten proceedingss to finish.

8.2 Questionnaire:

The undermentioned questionnaire will be applied to both slump and on-line study. However, as the nature of clients is different for these two sorts of study, the inquiry 1 below will replace by “ Have you of all time used to any Toyota autos? ___Yes ___No ” .

If the respondents opt “ No ” , an automatic message of “ If you opt “ No ” , thank you for passing your clip with us. ” will look, and no other inquiries will be shown.

There are 24 inquiries estimated to be completed in 10 proceedingss.

Is this your first clip to see Borneo Motors? ___Yes ___No

Approximately how many times in have you visited Boneo Motors?

0 1 2 3 4 5 More ( specify: ___ )

How make you cognize us? ( You can take more than one option )

___ Ad

A­A­___ Word of oral cavity

___ Internet

A­___Other ( s ) ( Specify: ____________________________________________________ )

How frequently do you drive Toyota auto?

___Once a twenty-four hours

___Twice a twenty-four hours

___Twice a hebdomad

___Once a hebdomad

___Other ( Specify: _____________________________________________ )

Can you remember what types of Toyota autos you drove late? ___Yes ___No

If “ Yes ” , delight name it or them: ____________________________________________

What types of the undermentioned Toyota autos are your favors? ( You can take more than one )

A. Sienna Minivan

B. Harrier SUV

C. Estima MPV

D. Blade Hatchback

E. Mark X Zio saloon

F. Vanguard crossing over

G. Other ( s ) ( Specific: __________________________________________ )

Please circle the figure that best corresponds with how much you agree or disagree with each statement.


Strongly Disagree




Strongly Agree

Toyota ‘s autos have good quality.






Toyota ‘s autos are advanced.






Toyota ‘s autos are diversified.






Toyota ‘s autos ‘ monetary values are sensible.






Borneo Motors ‘ service is good.






Borneo Motors ‘ location is convenient.






Toyota ‘s advertizements are eye-catchy.






Toyota ‘s autos run into your outlook.






Borneo Motors ‘ web site is enlightening






The age of Toyota autos is instead high






Please rank each following characteristics that reflect the quality of Toyota autos. Put a “ 1 ” by your first pick, a “ 2 ” by your 2nd pick, and so on.

___High age




If Toyota Motors wants to better the quality of autos, which of the undermentioned countries should it concentrate on?


___Improving merchandise ‘s constituents.


10. If Toyota Motors add new merchandise, will you seek it

___I decidedly will seek it

___I likely will seek it

___I might seek it

___I likely will non seek it

___I decidedly will non seek it

11. For each of the gross revenues publicity medium, circle the 1 you would prefer.

Discount verifiers


Premiums and gifts


Other ( s ) ( Specify: _____________________________________________ )

12. Please rate Borneo Motors ‘ service by look intoing the line that best corresponds to your rating of each point listed.

Friendly ___ ___ ___ ___ Unfriendly

Helpful ___ ___ ___ ___ Unhelpful

Efficient ___ ___ ___ ___ Inefficient

13. Please use image representation to bespeak strength of our service.

Unsatisfactory Satisfactory

14. On norm, how much are you willing to purchase for Toyota autos? $ _______

15. Please bespeak your gender. ____Male ____Female

Please bespeak your age: ____years

Are you a Singaporean? ____Yes ____No ( specify: _______________ )

( If you opt “ No ” , delight jump the below inquiry. Thank you. )

Which of the undermentioned cultural group do you belong to?





___Other ( specify: ______________ )

16. Please bespeak your business:






___ Technical worker

___Other ( specify: _________________________ )

17. What is the highest degree of instruction you have attained? ________________________

Thank you for your clip.

9. Method of informations analysis

SPSS ( Statistical Package for Social Sciences ) will be employed to analyse the information collected. Relevant statistical methods such as descriptive, illative, associatory, etc. will be used to present findings in such a manner that all the purposes and aims of the research are hit. A preliminary study utilizing non-technical footings will be presented to clients

10. Time agenda

The PERT-type chart will be employed to visualise the clip agenda of this research as follows:

Figure 1: PERT chart of false clip spent in the research

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