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In less than 20 years, the EU has gone from a group of 6 to a group of 28: presumably it has some attractions for countries that have joined. What do you think explains this growth?’
* The European Union has a had a considerably amount of growth over the years, having started as six members – currently the European Union now compromises of 28 members, all of which have joined in the last 20 years. It can be argued that there are many reasons for this growth. 1. The Copenhagen criteria June 1993
a. “…clarifying … basis … states’s eligibility for membership would be judged ”
(Sakwa and Stevens, 2012, Contemporary Europe, 3rd Edition, Page 65)
b. Allowed candidate countries to direct their countries in the way the EU wanted meaning that there was a possibility to join the European Union
c. Talk about the pros and cons of this …….. e.g. EU also had to reform before enlargement on its ‘envisaged scale’ 2. The perceived costs of being outside of the European Union too high
d. “implications for those living on the other side (of the EU) are significant”
(Sakwa and Stevens, 2012, Contemporary Europe, 3rd Edition, Page 66)
e. One of the most important consequences of not being in the European Union was the fact that new restrictions : EU’s immigration and asylum regimes -> example of the Kaliningrad citizens and trouble faced when Lithuainia and Poland joined the EU
f. Free
g. Easier to seek better employement in more advanced economies the EU states – possibly quote page 68
h. Easier educational opportunities within EU states – possibly quote page 68
i. Small countries are given a voice in the EU which they wouldn’t of had if they had been a single independent state 3. The huge economic incentives
j. The EU single market has vast benefits which many countries would need
k. “Single Market has increased the EU’s prosperity by 2.15% of GDP”
“meant an overall…

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