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Steve Jobs–Influences, Products,
Besides fame and wealth, what do the Beatles and Steve Jobs have in common? Both of them named their own company Apple. In 1976, Steve Jobs founded “Apple” when he was twenty-one years old in his parents’ garage. Today, Apple’s stock is listed at $532.00 a share and has annual revenues in billions of dollars. While Microsoft produces brilliant software, Apple produces both cutting edge software and hardware products such as Mac software and Ipod multi-purpose devices. Most of us would agree that Steve Jobs is to the 21st century what Thomas Edison was to the late 19th and early 20th century. I became very interested in Steve Jobs after I bought my first Apple product, an IMAC. This paper is about my experiences with several Apple products, and Jobs’ early career, management style, innovations and designs.
Early Career
In 1972, Jobs and his friend Steve Wozniak started to work for Atari, Inc. in Los Gatos, California. Wozniak invented a video game called Pong. Steve Jobs, went to Atari to sell it to Atari, and the partnership between Jobs and Wozniak started. In 1976, Wozniak invented the first Apple computer and then Apple was formed. Jobs and Wozniak were lucky when they received funding money from Intel Company.
However, on May 24, 1985, Apple’s board of directors removed Jobs from his duties. The reasons for his removal were disappointing sales and his temperamental management style. Jobs stopped coming to work at Apple. Later in 1985, he founded NeXT Inc., a software developer, for $7 million. NeXT Inc., years later was the main reason for Apple Company to take Steve Jobs back. As to what happened in 1996, Apple announced that they bought NeXT Inc for $427 million.
Job’s Management Style
Steve Jobs’ aggressive and demand for perfectionist, made his business and his product, forefront the technology industry. Jobs leadership of NeXT Inc. made his personality changed. His adaptation makes his…

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