BTEC Level 2 Award in Business Purposes
Unit 1 – P5
Character of the business environment & the types of markets they serveIntroductionIn this assignment I will investigate the characteristics of the business environment of Newham. Identifying the range and types of businesses the operate there, the type of markets they serve, important trends in those markets and which sectors or industries are growing or declining.Main types of businesses found in Newham;
Petrol pumps
Betting shops
Sugar factory
Fast food (Chicken & Chips, Mc Donald’s, KFC)
Off Licences
Estate agencies
Phone shops
Loan shop
Pawn brokers
Supermarkets (Groceries, Household goods, Tesco)
BarbersMost common businesses in Newham;
Betting shops, Bookies (Paddy Power).
Banks (Barclays, Lloyds)
Loan Shops
OpticiansTypes of Primary sector Businesses;
Newham city Farm
FishingTypes of secondary sector businesses;
Tate & Lyle
ConstructionTypes of tertiary sector businesses;
Mechanics (Garages)
Banks (Barclays)
Fast Food (Mc Donald’s, Chicken Hut, Papa’s, Burger shops…)Sectors that is growing;
Tertiary sector seems to be growing rapidly due to rising incomes nowadays consumers spend a larger proportion on services such as health care, Education and Financial Service.Sector that is declining;
Primary sector is declining because raw materials are running out, which means people are losing their jobs in his sector and increasing the growth in the Tertiary sector. What types of market do the businesses serve types of markets the businesses serveThese businesses are built in Newham to serve the local community to target the Muslims, Afro Caribbean, and Eastern European etc. Betting shops, Loan Shop and Pawn Brokers are all aimed at the low income and the Unemployed. Things like betting shops can get very addictive towards people especially those in need for money….

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