dairy entry

Juliet doesn’t want to marry Paris
Juliet is pretending to cry about Tybalt’s death when she is crying because she doesn’t want to marry Paris
Juliet’s father is willing to disown her if she doesn’t marry Paris
Juliet says she would rather marry Romeo instead
Juliet is basically procrastinating because she says she would kill herself if she has to ParisDiary entry
This has been such a hectic day.
I cannot believe how Juliet just treated me. I told her great news about being married to a wonderful man named Paris and she went crazy. She started tell me that she would rather marry Romeo, that evil man who killed poor Tybalt! She told me that she will kill herself if she marries Paris. What has gotten into her? Lord Capulet walks in and started screaming at her telling her that she is a young disobedient wretch! He told her if she wasn’t at the church Thursday to marry Paris is willing to disown her! I was appalled by their behavior! I have never seen Lord Capulet act that way and I have never been so disappointed in Juliet! She is acting like as if she was four and I would give her a piece of candy! That ignorant nurse had to come in to the conversation and she also made my Lord very angry! I don’t know what has gotten in to this family. I am so shocked with the actions that some people in this family have made. The way Juliet refused to marry Paris was out of control! She has never acted this way towards me. I left the room after Lord Capulet left but I stayed outside the door to listen to what the nurse had to say to Juliet, Juliet told her that she is going to go talk to Friar Lawrence and to confess her sins to him. There is something going on with Juliet and the nurse. I am quite worried about Juliet; I can’t tell if she was being honest when she said she would rather die than marry Paris! She was being such a drama queen! There was no reason for her to act out like that!…

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