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  • biology 1406

    • Somatic cells (nonreproductive cells) have two sets of chromosomes• Gametes (reproductive cells: sperm and eggs) have half as many chromosomes as somatic cells• Gametes are produced by a variation of cell division called meiosis which is a special type of mitosis that yields nonidentical daughter cells that have only one set of chromosomesThe cell cycle consists of:• Interphase (G1,S,G2)… Continue reading "biology 1406"

  • Balanced Scorecardfour Perspectives To Implementing Success

    Balanced Scorecardfour Perspectives To Implementing SuccessIn the business world, tangible success and prosperity are measured by dollars. Each quarter, a company generates reports, which determine financial status based on past performance: Are we “in the red,” or “in the black?” Entrepreneur Magazine lists “Find a need and fill it” as rule number one in successful business—and that’s exactly what Robert… Continue reading "Balanced Scorecardfour Perspectives To Implementing Success"

  • chimp attack

    chimp attack Speaking of chimpanzee you might think they are cute, kindly, amusing ,but those characteristic only for the baby chimpanzee, and the baby chimp just like the baby tiger they are charming can give us a lot of happy. However, There are a lot of news talking about the chimpanzee attacked humans. Let me realize the chimpanzee are not… Continue reading "chimp attack"

  • Rwt1

    RWT1A. ScenarioThe chosen scenario is number 6 from the list given. In this scenario my company has recently decided to expand into online sales. We want to continue to sell our products in retail stores but now also want to make a name on the internet. I am to explore the marketing opportunities online that are available for retail sales.… Continue reading "Rwt1"

  • Dogs, More than just a pet

    Dogs More than Just a Pet When most people see someone walking a dog, they just see someone with a pet. They never think that the four-legged animal beside the person could be a service dog. There are many types of service animals, Dogs are trained to lead a blind person down the street, or help law enforcement to find… Continue reading "Dogs, More than just a pet"

  • dairy entry

    PlanJuliet doesn’t want to marry ParisJuliet is pretending to cry about Tybalt’s death when she is crying because she doesn’t want to marry ParisJuliet’s father is willing to disown her if she doesn’t marry ParisJuliet says she would rather marry Romeo insteadJuliet is basically procrastinating because she says she would kill herself if she has to ParisDiary entryThis has been… Continue reading "dairy entry"

  • random thoughts

    Have you ever been asked “If you could go back in time and change one thing what would it be?” Whenever I’m asked that question I always find myself responding “No”, but then I think.Maybe I should have done my homework… Maybe I should have gone to class… Maybe I shouldn’t have drank that extra shot… Maybe I shouldn’t have… Continue reading "random thoughts"

  • Media

    When asked the question, how do we know whether new media electronic media are helping or hurting society? It’s a loaded question that from my reading of three different authors still hasn’t fully been answered with a yes nor a no. Upon reading Kennedy, Dickerson, and Grove I find that the question is still floating in the air unanswered though… Continue reading "Media"


    BTEC Level 2 Award in Business PurposesUnit 1 – P5Character of the business environment & the types of markets they serveIntroductionIn this assignment I will investigate the characteristics of the business environment of Newham. Identifying the range and types of businesses the operate there, the type of markets they serve, important trends in those markets and which sectors or industries… Continue reading "FFFFF"

  • Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs–Influences, Products, Besides fame and wealth, what do the Beatles and Steve Jobs have in common? Both of them named their own company Apple. In 1976, Steve Jobs founded “Apple” when he was twenty-one years old in his parents’ garage. Today, Apple’s stock is listed at $532.00 a share and has annual revenues in billions of dollars. While Microsoft… Continue reading "Steve Jobs"